June 04, 2020

Roller screen selection and calculation

Roller Screen commonly used in the screening of coarse material, up to a maximum size of Mining 500mm, suitable for screening large piece of coal, limestone and shale, is also used as a washing machine or a mining machine to use. The roller screen has higher screening efficiency, and the sieved material is less pulverized; however, the structure is more complicated and cumbersome, and the roller wears faster when the hard material is sieved. In the multi-metal mines currently being replaced by heavy shaker.
The calculation formula of the roller screen is
q=q 0 A (1)
Where q - the amount of roller screen treatment, t / h;
A——roller screen screening area, m 2 ;
q 0 —— single-sided screening area treatment capacity, t / (m 2 · h), see the table below.
Roller screen unit area processing amount q 0 value
Screen size / mm
q 0 /t·m -2 ·h -1

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