June 04, 2020

The supermarket cabinet manager must know these things

The supermarket manager should know these things . The supermarkets are sure that they are no strangers, because whether we visit the supermarket or go to the mall, we can see the cabinet. It can help us store some items that are not easy to carry. Let Consumers can shop more easily and conveniently, but as a manager of supermarkets, we must know what these functions are.
Supermarket cabinet

The supermarket subcontracting cabinets are mainly divided into the following functions:
If there are multiple sets of lockers in the store, each set of lockers should be set with a different cabinet number (the cabinet number can be selected from 01 to 99). The specific operation steps are as follows:
Enter the function number [01] after the display screen enters the setting interface, the system prompts "enter cabinet number" and enter the cabinet number (01-99). After the system judges that the input is correct, the cabinet will be modified and stored.
2. Time and date setting
Enter the function number [02] after the display screen enters the setting interface. The system prompts “Please enter the current time” and enter the time via the keyboard. The format is (hour:minute:second). For example, input 11:28:58 in sequence to set the time. At 11:28:58, the time is entered. The system then prompts "Please enter the current date". The format is (year/month/day). For example, enter January 01, 2009 as the set date as January 2009. On the 1st, you can enter it after you finish.
3 out of the box
3.1 Display After entering the setting interface, enter the function number [03], the system prompts for "please enter the box number", enter the number of the box to be opened (01-24 or 01-36), the system determines that the box number is correct and then opens the box. door.
3.2 When the user loses the lost paper or password paper, it can find the administrator of the store. When the administrator records and checks the customer's identity information, and asks for the goods sent by the user, this method can help the customer to unpack the contents.
3.3 Emergency unpacking: If the electromagnetic lock fails or in the case of power failure, the door can be opened by forced opening. The specific method is to use a key to open the central door or side door and open the lock by hand. If the electromagnetic lock is damaged, please refer to the manual 5.2 [Lock] operation to lock it and wait for repair.
4. Clear box
After the display enters the setup screen, enter the function number [04] and the system goes into the clear box.
For example, if the administrator wants to clean the door from door number 01 to door number 24, enter "01" at the start box number and "24" at the box number.
The system then opens the door lock.
In the clearing operation, if the administrator mistakenly clears a cabinet door and has customer items in it, be sure to lock the cabinet door to the “locked” state until the customer has registered and processed it.
The above are some of the major features of the supermarket package counters. If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time.

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