June 04, 2020

· Beijing shared car surge car license is accused of "fatal"

Recently, the relevant person in charge of the Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission said that Beijing will promote the distribution of time-sharing car outlets, and it is estimated that the number of cars rented by time before the end of the year will reach 2,000. However, according to the reporter of China Times (public time: chinatimes), the Beijing market has already owned many “Gofun travel” by the Shouqi Group, “Zuopai enjoy”, “TOGO” and “Baojia Travel”. Time-shared brands, the current number of vehicles has far exceeded 2000 vehicles.

Beijing time to rent a car or far more than 2000 vehicles

According to the development strategy of the Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission, Beijing's time-shared cars are expected to reach 2,000 vehicles by the end of this year. To this end, Beijing Zhengluqiao Group Co., Ltd. has planned to renovate the space under more than 40 viaducts in the second and third ring roads as “shared car” rental points, and set up parking spaces and charging piles.

Driven by the government's superiority policy, a number of time-sharing car rental companies have been deployed, and even the First Automobile Group, which has never been involved in time-sharing cars, has launched Gofun. According to relevant information of the First Automobile Group, the current “Gofun Travel” has already reserved 1,100 vehicles in Beijing, which means that it is more than half of the vehicles planned by the Beijing Transportation Commission this year.

In fact, many companies have begun to deploy the Beijing market before the Beijing Municipal Commission of Communications has yet to announce this year's development goals. The reporter learned that before the Beijing market, there were already a number of time-sharing rental brands such as “Zi Pai Le Xiang”, “TOGO” and “Baojia Travel”.

According to data on the free travel of the car tolls according to the model, there are nearly 300 vehicles in the Beijing market. According to the data of the vehicle, the business in Beijing, Tianjin and Taiyuan has already started. This year, it plans to start operations in 10 cities across the country. It is expected to invest 18,000 new energy vehicles for time-share leasing. By 2018, it is expected to invest. 100,000 new energy vehicles landed in 100 cities.

It can be confirmed from the official that before this, Wang Gang, deputy researcher of the Car Rental Management Office of the Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission, said that the current time-sharing leases in Beijing have grown to several hundred, and the time-consuming leased vehicles exceeded 2000. Vehicles, the distribution area is relatively concentrated.

Realistic dilemma

Although the time-sharing car rental market is still a loss period, what is the reason for these companies to lay out the market on such a large scale?

Industry insiders analyzed the reporter's analysis, in fact, the root cause is the future development of the market and the entire market is still growing at a rate of more than 50%.

According to the statistics of management consulting firm PricewaterhouseCosway, as of the beginning of 2016, there are more than 30 large-scale enterprises in the time-sharing of automobiles, and the total fleet size of the market is about 30,000.

Despite the huge market development space, due to various real-life problems such as high vehicle purchase cost, low license plate number and vehicle operation, capital has always been a topic that cannot be avoided.

“The first parking fee is a problem, because the parking places provided by the government are mostly core areas; the license plate has also become the basis for the survival of enterprises in the Beijing market, because the number of licenses provided by the government is certain every year, which causes the market to license The competition, in addition to the chaos and the post-processing problems such as illegal parking of vehicles, is also the biggest difficulty." An industry observer told reporters.

The reporter learned that in the core area of ​​Beijing, the parking cost is about 800 yuan to 1,500 yuan per month. Time-sharing car rental companies need to set up their own parking spaces in this area, which requires a certain cost.

The problem of the license plate is the most deadly problem of time-sharing car rental. Even if the company has certain strength, it may face the reality of being unable to obtain market licenses and being forced to withdraw from market competition.

In addition, the problem of electric piles is also a realistic problem that must be accepted in the electric vehicle market. Previously, Wang Gang had said that at present, the charging piles of various enterprises have been built. From the perspective of interconnection and intercommunication, the network of charging piles has not been fully shared.

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