October 26, 2020

Ballpoint pen head branded "Made in China" Manufacturing "heart disease" finally cured

【Chinese Instrument Network Instrument Depth】 A few days ago, a message that “China has finally overcome the difficulties of ball-point pens and created ballpoint pens” has been brushed up by the network. This year’s “heart disease” that has been remembered by the general idea and the Chinese manufacturing industry has been finally The group "cure". China's ballpoint pen has finally waited until it can proudly mark the day with "Made in China."

However, happily, the reflection on the dilemma of Chinese manufacturing caused by the small ballpoint pen is a more intriguing issue.
According to statistics, there are more than 3,000 pen-making enterprises in China, and the annual production volume of ball-point pens is as high as more than 40 billion. No matter which aspect is concerned, China is a well-deserved pen-making country. However, behind these dazzling data, it is the embarrassing situation that the core parts are dependent on imports, shoddy, and counterfeit.
What is even more worrying is that this is not only the "characteristic" of China's ballpoint pen industry, but also the "commonality" of the entire Chinese manufacturing industry.
As we all know, the development of the manufacturing industry affects all aspects of social and economic development. As a pillar industry, it is the key to lead the supply of structural reforms and achieve economic transformation. Looking at the development of China's manufacturing industry in recent years, the apparently encouraging trend has indeed inspired the people. However, it is also an indisputable fact that the core components are difficult to be domesticated. For example, the core technologies and components of China's instrumentation industry are still dependent on imports, and the import rate in some areas is almost 100%. Pursuing the "regarding the second pulse of the Governor", which is simply "pursuing victory by quantity" without breaking through the science and technology, has become the biggest flaw in domestic manufacturing including instrumentation.
China is the world’s largest developing country and has huge market potential. Therefore, the "successful use of quantity" as a method of development has become a development model for the long-term "hegemony" of China's manufacturing industry, and has even become a "victorious weapon" for certain enterprises. However, with the progress of society, market competition has become increasingly fierce. "Win by quantity" has not been able to provide sufficient impetus for the long-term development of the company. The future development of China's manufacturing industry will inevitably be based on strengthening the R&D investment and increasing the technological content as the mainstream development mode.
However, it is gratifying that hard injuries are still there, but it is fortunate that the "healing injury" for related issues has never stopped.
Taking the ballpoint pen industry as an example, in order to mark the ballpoint pen with the “Made in China” brand, as early as in 2011, the Ministry of Science and Technology initiated the National Science and Technology Support Plan Key Project of “Key Materials and Manufacturing Technology R&D and Industrialization of Pen Industry”. Three years to overcome technical problems. From the establishment of the project to conquer, we have gone for five years. Although it was a bit late, the uplifting effect was undiminished.
In the same way, in order to improve the competitiveness of China's manufacturing industry, in 2015, China officially issued the first ten-year action plan “Made in China 2025” that implements the strategy of building a powerful country, and proposed the strategic goal of achieving a powerful nation through “three steps”. , And in 2025 into the ranks of manufacturing power.
From the ball point pen to the “Made in China 2025”, behind every new breakthrough, there is an unknown and full of marathon long distance running. But also in the valuable insistence of the "marathon long-distance running", we can see the determination and motivation of our country to develop the manufacturing industry.

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