October 22, 2020

The important role of BRT special lane

With the sustained and rapid development of social science and technology, cars are everywhere. It has become commonplace. The increase in automobiles has become a major problem of environmental pollution. At the same time as the number of vehicles has increased, traffic congestion has become a headache. In big cities, they are often blocked, causing great difficulties for people's travel. The pain that people want to go out and stay alive must be experienced by many people. To solve this problem, a dedicated BRT lane has been introduced. , maybe you don't know much about it, so today's talk about what is BRT special lane.


The Chinese meaning of BRT is BRT. As the name suggests, BRT's speed is certainly very fast. So what is the difference between it and an ordinary bus? The biggest difference is that BRT is fast, and its internal facilities are more complete than ordinary buses. What is a BRT lane? In the regulations, it is clearly pointed out that the BRT special lane is not allowed to drive other vehicles. Its construction is expensive and it is a special lane. As a new type of transportation bus, its requirements are higher and more comprehensive. Only relatively special circumstances can allow the passage of police cars or vehicles that perform tasks. Otherwise, other vehicles will face penalties for penalty points and fines once they enter. As far as ordinary buses are concerned, they are not allowed to drive in the BRT special lanes under normal circumstances. This is its particularity.

As a new form of public transport, the BRT lane is a fully enclosed vehicle. It is not only very fast, but also has a higher safety factor. For the masses, it would be nice to have a car on time. Work, appointments, and school are no longer affected by traffic jams. It is more flexible and convenient than ordinary buses, and its role is even greater.

Taken together, the BRT special lane can provide people with more efficient service lanes. After understanding what a BRT lane is, it can help everyone understand its importance. In normal travel, it will not fail to obey the traffic rules and enter the road. Special lanes, but also can bring more convenience to our life travel, it's fast and safe are all we need, and BRT special lanes can also solve the problem of urban traffic congestion.

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