October 22, 2020

Hammer cyclone mill in the determination of corn fatty acid value need to pay attention to what?

Hammer cyclone mill is a very important smashing device in grain inspection. It is mainly used for smashing samples to prepare samples that meet the falling value, gluten index, Kine-type nitrogen determination and near-infrared analysis. For the preparation of powder samples that meet the thickness. In the determination of corn fatty acid value, the hammer cyclone mill also has very important application, but in order to ensure the fineness of the hammer cyclone mill and improve the accuracy of corn fatty acid determination, in the process of crushing, it is necessary to pay attention to some necessary issues .

Hammer cyclone

In general, the hammer-type cyclone mill is mainly used in the preparation of the sample, and is usually the first step of the test. Because different test items have strict requirements on the fineness of the sample, the operation process must be strictly in accordance with the hammer type. The operation instructions of the cyclone mill are carried out. At the same time, the use of a hammer cyclone mill to comminute the sample chamber requires a reasonable adjustment of the size of the damper and the control of the injection volume, and the prevention and reduction of the discharge tube retaining sample. In addition, in order to avoid blockage of the discharge pipe and reduce the change in the fatty acid value in the sample caused by the heat of grinding and rubbing, the discharge pipe should be checked and cleaned up for every 10 pieces of crushing.
To sum up, that is to say, sample preparation is a very important step in the determination of corn fatty acid values. In general, the fineness of the crushed material can reach 95% or more over CQ16 at a time, which is equivalent to a 40-mesh sieve. Therefore, in order to ensure crushing, Effect, avoid mistakes or mistakes, must follow the stipulated operating instructions step by step, to avoid artificial error, followed by to avoid the crushed process on the fatty acid value of corn, improve the accuracy of corn fatty acid determination.
However, the hammer-type cyclone mill is developed according to the relevant national standards and the actual needs of the testing experiment. Therefore, as long as careful operation and strictly follow the instructions, then basically prepared samples can meet the requirements. It should be noted that the newly-purchased hammer-type cyclone mill may cause deviation after being used for a period of time. Therefore, in order to ensure that the coarseness of the crushed sample meets the standard requirements at this time, the particle size screening test of the comminuted sample shall be performed in time.

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