October 26, 2020

Irrigation system troubleshooting method for mobile stage car

Ignition system is very important as part of the mobile stage car . Its normal operation will directly affect the use of the engine. Therefore, when you pay attention to the maintenance of all major parts of a moving stage car in your daily life, you must not neglect the small components such as the ignition system. The problems with small parts have a great impact on the overall situation. Next, you will share with the riders. Related to the specific repair method of the flow stage car ignition system failure!


The first is the case when the mobile stage car sounds when it is honking and the headlights are off. At this time, the driver can use a screwdriver or wire to test the fire at the negative terminal of the ignition coil. If there is no spark, it indicates that there is a short circuit between the low voltage terminal of the ignition coil and the ammeter. Most likely due to poor contact between the terminal and the wire, the owner can try to clean the terminal and tighten the nut. If the wire has been damaged, it is only necessary to replace the wire with the same specifications.


Followed by the situation where the vehicle horn does not sound and the headlights are not bright. At this time, the test can be performed on the terminal of the starter with a wire. If there is a spark, it is the route between the starter terminal and the current meter. Something went wrong. And if there is no spark, it may be caused by the vehicle's battery power shortage or circuit failure.

If this is not the case, the test can be performed at the distributor insulation contact and the distributor shell. If no spark is generated, it indicates that the conductor between the distributor insulation post and the ignition coil negative terminal has failed. If sparks occur, it is possible that there is a fault in the wire between the insulating bracket and the insulating pillar. It is only necessary to replace the faulty conductor. These are some of the specific troubleshooting methods for circuit faults that occur in the common ignition systems of mobile stage cars . I hope these methods can give riders some help!

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