October 24, 2020

What are the manufacturers of 7 tons of sewage suction trucks?

Sewage vehicles help the city's sewage pipelines, industrial pipelines, etc. to clean up the sewage dirt, and help transport the sewage to the designated places, so that the sewage will not be discharged into the big rivers to pollute the environment, and more environmentally-friendly vehicles will be used in modern times. Sewage suction trucks have corresponding tonnage, and the larger the tonnage, the greater the amount of sewage to be transported. The 7-ton sewage suction truck is a medium-tonnage sewage suction truck and is also commonly used in cities. So, what are the manufacturers of 7 tons of sewage suction trucks?  


Production of 7 tons sewage suction car manufacturers:

1. Suizhou Chenyang Special Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. Chenyang specializes in the production of various kinds of special-purpose vehicles for the garden, municipal, sanitation, greening, industry, petroleum, chemical and other industries. It is also an important cooperative manufacturer of Dongfeng, Foton, Liberation and other brands, as well as direct sales of complete vehicles and accessories. There are swing arm garbage truck, 7 tons sewage suction truck, any tonnage sewage suction truck, landscaping sprinkler truck, sealed garbage truck, refrigerated truck, tanker plus tanker truck, cement mixer truck, hanging bin garbage truck, high-altitude operation Cars, fire trucks and so on.

2. Yucheng County Zhongjie Sanitation Equipment Co., Ltd. Zhong Jie specializes in producing various kinds of sanitation equipment products. The company has established a research and innovation team, specializes in research and development of innovative and special vehicles, adheres to stringent quality production standards, and creates first-class, high-level specialized vehicles for the company. Products include 7 tons of sewage suction trucks, 5 tons of sewage suction trucks, 3 tons of sewage suction trucks, various tonnage sewage suction trucks, three garbage trucks, sprinklers, suction trucks, garbage cans, sprinklers, aerial vehicles, etc. Wait.

3. Yuchai Dongte Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd. Dongte has always insisted on building high-quality products and caring for every consumer. It has won the love of consumers for many years of development and has repeatedly been rated as a key credit enterprise in Hubei. The company has strong research and development capabilities, uses innovative technologies to build a variety of vehicles, and ensures the quality of the products it produces. Products include dangerous goods tankers, sewage suction trucks (any tonnage can be assembled and manufactured), suction trucks, aerial vehicles, sprinklers, garbage trucks, compressed garbage trucks and so on.

What is the production of 7 tons of sewage suction car manufacturers? 7 tons of sewage suction vehicles in addition to the suction, but also can carry out watering, transporting water, etc., to participate in major issues such as fire extinguishing and drought, so the application of 7 tons of sewage suction vehicles is very wide , there is a very positive use.

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