October 24, 2020

Sweeping sweeper knowledge

In the past, we cleaned people's roads through human resources. This not only increased government spending on city cleaning, but also the labor intensity of urban cleaners. The presence of sweeping sweepers has greatly eased this situation. The cleaning efficiency of the city has been improved, the work intensity of the cleaning staff has been reduced, and the cost of city cleaning has also been reduced. The types of road sweeping vehicles are gradually increasing according to the needs of the road .


In daily life, the most common one is the sprinkler sweeper. The sweeper mainly uses the brush on the bottom of the vehicle to clean the road after spraying. Although the cleaner is clean, it consumes large amounts of water and has certain seasonality. This type of sweeper cannot be used to clean the road during the winter.

After recognizing the shortcomings of traditional sweepers, vacuum cleaners were gradually recognized and used by people. Compared with conventional sweepers, vacuum sweepers are mainly cleaned by air flow, which not only reduces water consumption, but also does not cause secondary pollution to the environment, and in particular, does not cause secondary dust pollution. The cleaning of the air flow can also reduce the use of brushes and reduce the maintenance costs in the later period.

In many occasions, it is not suitable for cleaning with a water sweeper, for example, some chemical dusty sites, steel mills, etc., and the vacuum sweeper can clean these environments well, and the vacuum sweeper is not seasonal This kind of sweeper can be used to clean the city in any season.

Although sweeping sweep sweepers are now the first choice for urban cleaning tools, there are many special occasions that need to be completed with a wet sweeper. Therefore, choosing the right sweeper based on the environment and hygiene conditions is the key. Before choosing the sweeper, we have better compare the clean area with the clean area and choose a suitable sweeper to clean it. This will make the cleaning work more effective.

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