September 25, 2020

What happens to a highway rescue vehicle when it comes to a sudden vehicle fire?

The transportation industry plays a decisive role in the economy of a country, and the highway as a new force in the transportation industry is an important factor in measuring the economic development of the region. So highway construction have also become more important, so many drivers are always considered a high-speed running is better, so there will be some speed and so on, then there will be fire, then highway rescue vehicles to how to deal with it?

Let’s take a look at how the fire will happen on the highway.

First, when a motor vehicle is moving, the driver will cause the vehicle to collide, scratch or turn over directly to cause burning due to illegal driving; secondly, the motor vehicle will cause fire due to electrical or fuel supply system or other failures; and thirdly, the driver and passengers shall use the vehicle in the vehicle. Fire accidentally or illegally carries a fire caused by the carriage of dangerous articles such as flammable, explosive, etc. Fourth, spontaneous combustion of the carried goods under certain conditions; Fifth, the vehicle runs for a long time, causing the engine to run overloaded, causing the engine temperature to rise dramatically. , igniting a fire that drips on the oil in the casing.

What happens to a highway rescue vehicle in the event of a fire?

The first time for the aid workers to remember to keep a clear heart, do not be too panic, and many accidents sometimes because of the driver's own heart factors lead to the deterioration of the situation. It is very important to maintain a clear-headed mindset in handling emergencies. The alarm handling personnel should uphold the principle of quick and easy execution and conduct grouping on site. At this time, it is necessary to use a freeway rescue vehicle, which is an important factor in quickly resolving the incident. Mainly used for road failure vehicles, urban illegal vehicles and rescue. Therefore, the government must buy a high-quality highway rescue vehicles, can be put to use to get some profit. Inadequately, some companies seeking help should remember to serve the people and they cannot charge too much.

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