October 24, 2020

Road assistant - tanker

People don't usually carry gas with their cars because it's a very dangerous thing. However, people always forget to refuel because of various reasons. This is a place where there is no gas station in the wilderness. It is a very headache. At this time the tanker came in handy. Most people only know that the tanker is refueling, but it has not been carefully studied. In fact, the tanker also has a lot of knowledge. Let's take a look at it today.


Tankers are called mobile refuellers, tankers, pullers, oil tankers, etc. Usually tankers are filled with flammable and explosive chemicals such as gasoline, diesel, kerosene, etc.

According to the appearance of a wide range of tankers, there are large tankers, medium tankers, and small tankers. There are also a lot of oil tankers under the brand. The common brands are Dongfeng, Liberation and Fukuda. After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, people’s demand for tankers began to increase. How can we protect the tanker? The concept of tanker maintenance is very extensive, including the replacement of oil and filters in the engine, as well as the cleaning work including oil, brake oil, booster oil, air conditioning filter, battery water, glass water, etc. Trucks often need to replace belts, brake pads, batteries, clutch plates, shock absorbers and other consumable parts, tank car beauty (car wash, indoor trim care, etc.).

The proper maintenance of the tanker can maintain the performance of the car and prolong the service life of the car.

The driver's attention should be paid to the tanker during driving:

(1) Pay attention to checking the working conditions of each instrument while driving;

(2) Observe the normal operation of the steering system during driving;

(3) Check whether hands and feet can work normally during driving;

There are also some caveats about the use of tankers:

(1) Pay attention to prevent personal energization

(2) The problem of electrostatic grounding cannot be ignored.

(3) Accidents caused by "conversion oil loading" should also be given enough attention.

Finally, we hope that our driver's master should pay attention to safety when using the tanker!

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