October 26, 2020

Low level of pump valve industry needs breakthrough technology

In recent years, the development of the domestic valve and valve casting industry is very promising. Its development speed is also very gratifying. However, there are still many problems that cannot be ignored during the development of the industry.

Small and medium-sized and private pump and valve companies have a relatively large growth rate in this process, and their proportion is relatively large. However, there are few large-scale pump and valve companies, and the domestic brand of pump and valve industry is not strong and the market competitiveness is poor. From the perspective of the development status of the pump and valve industry, the pump and valve industry itself is also facing the risk of eliminating backward production capacity; under the influence of the financial crisis, the steel market, construction and upstream and downstream industries have experienced a sharp contraction in the market, which depends on the development of these industries. The pump valve industry is undoubtedly a fatal blow.

It is understood that due to the numerous outstanding problems in the domestic pump valve casting industry, enterprises with backward production capacity will be phased out to reduce the burden on the industry. Because domestic and foreign markets demand for pump valve castings are inseparable from SMEs, it will require a longer-term phase-out transition.

Although China's valve industry has developed rapidly in recent years, the overall level of the industry is still low, and the technical content of products is low. Many key valves with high parameters also rely on imports. In comparison with foreign countries, we also saw our own deficiencies in comparison with the foreign valve industry. According to some experts, China's valve level is 10 to 20 years behind that of foreign advanced countries. From this point of view, China's valve industry is very low, and it is urgent to catch up with foreign technology.

Beijing, Tianjin, Harbin, Shanghai and Shenyang are the five most important industrial cities in China. They have a very important position in economic, political and cultural history. Among them, the machinery industry is the earliest group of cities in the country. Each city has its own development characteristics and progress, but overall it is still quite large at home. The early development of the pump valve casting industry was very fast, and it entered a transitional period in today's relatively slow economic construction period. There are also many problems between the industries.

Many valve operators are suffering from the shortage of pump valve castings. The introduction of some valve-valve casting companies and the shortage of labor in the previous period have caused restrictions on the start-up of precision foundry companies. They have not been able to complete orders on time, and eventually led to the normal production of downstream valve companies.

The domestic pump valve casting industry will continue to work hard to gradually improve the overall quality of the valve castings, which is a challenge for the downstream valve industry, increase production costs and improve product quality.

First of all, we analyze from several aspects that we are at a disadvantage. On the one hand, we have a large gap with foreign countries in the processing technology. Many Chinese companies are busy with production and sales all the time. However, they rarely make improvements in their processes. This has caused serious technical neglect. On the other hand, in terms of quality management and equipment, we also have obvious deficiencies. There are still many defects in quality management in China. First of all, the process is more or less neglected. Many companies clearly have a quality assurance system that can be used in practice. But there is no useless place, and quality management is performed on its own, as it pleases; secondly, it is also sloppy in the assembly process. In addition, gaps in process management and technological innovation capabilities are also worth our attention.

According to the comprehensive planning and regional layout planning of the national pump and valve manufacturing industry, a group of regional leading technologies and product development laboratories, test bases and product development centers will be established. Relying on scientific and educational institutions with strong innovation capabilities, establish a diffusion site for scientific and technological achievements. Encourage and support the establishment of a pump and valve manufacturing technology research and development center. With the improvement of domestic policies and the economic situation, both the pump industry and the valve industry have obtained favorable conditions for development, and the room for their rise is also very large. It is expected that there will be a big increase in the coming years.

In order to achieve a new breakthrough, the domestic pump and valve industry needs continuous efforts to gradually increase the quality of products and the scientific and technological content of products. This is a new challenge for the downstream valve industry, and it is also the entire valve and valve industry. A new opportunity.

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