June 02, 2020

Hengtai Fengke's Suggestions on the Selection of High and Low Temperature Humidity Test Chambers

When purchasing the high-low temperature hot and humid test chamber , please refer to the following points according to your own test requirements:

1. Temperature range: how much the temperature range of the device, you can refer to the highest temperature and the lowest temperature value, the general product can meet the requirements in the -40 to +150 degrees Celsius.

2. Cycle function: whether the device has a temperature cycle function, that is: repeated cycles between the temperature switch curve loop. Our equipments are programmable constant temperature and humidity boxes, which can meet your program requirements. There are a total of 120 groups, each with 100 sections and sufficient program capacity.

3. Humidity range: whether the device has a humidity function, humidity refers to the relative humidity, if there is humidity, add a humidity system, humidification pipe, humidification pipeline and so on.

4. Thermal load: Many tested electronic products will be tested for power-on. Under power-on conditions, the product under test will generate heat, which will create a load. Therefore, sometimes the equipment bought back, such as the standard is -20 degrees, but the final temperature drop does not come down, this is the reason, so be sure to explain the load situation with the manufacturer. The heat load of the load must be made clear, so that it is more suitable for the manufacturer to select the right compressor for everyone to match.

5. Equipment handling: Please refer to the dimensions of the equipment, and the final arrangement of the equipment, such as the door size, stair lift size, etc., so as to avoid the equipment can not be installed in place.

6. Power supply: Please refer to whether the power of the equipment is in accordance with the final installed laboratory power supply. Our equipment power is matched according to the actual situation of the machine, 220V and 380V voltage, everybody sees whether their own laboratory has relevant electrical facility.

High and low temperature box has been widely used in electronics electrician, automotive motorcycle, aerospace, rubber, plastic, metal, ship weapons, universities, research institutes and other related products, parts and materials at high and low temperature changes, test its the performance indicators, HSBC Branch Hengtai manufactured for sale in the high and low temperature box has a good reputation in the customer base, if you frequently use the equipment, then, maintenance of homework is essential, now, do As a professional manufacturer of high-low temperature boxes in Beijing, Hengtai Fengke now provides the following maintenance knowledge :

1. Adhere to the professional management of specialized personnel , and qualified units should send special personnel to the supplier factory for training and learning from time to time to obtain more professional maintenance and repair experience and capabilities .

2, it is recommended to place more benign environment temperature, ambient temperature and humidity: 5 ℃ ~ + 30 ℃ ≤ 85% RH, do not have this laboratory conditions shall be equipped with appropriate cooling tower or an air conditioner to ensure. Compressor life and the overall experimental effect of the machine .

3, circulation fan, condenser fan cleaning and balance : similar to the cleaning of the evaporator , because the test chamber of the work environment is different , the recycling fan and the condenser fan will be condensed on a lot of dust and other small particles , should be cleaned regularly .
4 , water and humidifier cleaning : If the water is not smooth, humidifier scaling easily lead to humidifier dry , may damage the humidifier , so you must regularly clean the waterway and humidifier .

5, regular cleaning equipment, ensure good ventilation performance of the heat exchanger, using water for cooling the compressor, which in addition to ensuring the required water pressure and water temperature, but also must ensure the appropriate flow. Regular internal condenser, and Cleaning and descaling to obtain its continuous heat transfer performance .

6. If it is necessary to relocate the equipment , it should be conducted under the guidance of Hengtai Fengke technicians to avoid unnecessary damage or refrigerant leakage .

7. If you do not use it for a long period of time , clean the inner wall and keep it dry . Pass the power once per half-day for the equipment . The time should not be less than 1 hour .

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