July 12, 2020

Harman Appoints New Executive Vice President to Lead Infotainment System Business

On July 21, 2015, Harman International issued an official statement saying that the company has appointed Phillip Eyler as the new executive vice president and president of the infotainment business unit, and that the appointment will take effect immediately.

The picture shows Harman's new executive vice president Phillip Eyler
The picture shows Harman's new executive vice president Phillip Eyler

After taking up the new position, Phillip Eyler will be responsible for the development of integrated solutions that include enhanced navigation, telematics, multimedia and car networking security, and will directly serve the company’s chairman, president and CEO, Dinesh C. Paliwal. ) Debriefing.

Phillip Eyler has worked in Harman for more than 20 years and has been responsible for the company's infotainment and audio system engineering development, project management, quality supervision and manufacturing. He recently served as senior vice president of Harman global car audio business. General manager.

The current Harman Infotainment business unit employs 7,500 people and is the company's largest segment with annual sales of $3 billion.

In June, Visteon announced that it has appointed Sachin Lawande, former president of Hamann Infotainment Business Unit, as its new CEO and Sachin Lawande will become a new member of Visteon’s Board of Directors.

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