July 12, 2020

· Ferrari Automobile International Trading (Shanghai) recalled 67 airbag problem vehicles

Ferrari Auto International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. recently filed a recall plan with the AQSIQ. It will recall some of the 2015 imported Ferrari 458 Italia (458 Italia) and 458 Convertible (458 Spider) from August 17, 2015. ), 458 Special Edition (458 Speciale), 458 Convertible Special Edition (458 specialeA), California T (California T), F12 Belinetta (F12 Berlinetta), FF car, production date is February 4, 2015 to 2015 May 21st. According to the company's statistics, a total of 67 vehicles are involved in mainland China.

In the Ferrari car within the scope of this recall, the front airbag of the driver's side is incorrectly assembled, and the airbag will be excited in the wrong direction when excited. This may result in an increased risk of injury to the driver in the event of a collision and the activation of the front airbag, posing a safety hazard. Ferrari Auto International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. will contact the users within the scope of the recall through the dealership to arrange free replacement of the driver's side airbags from the date of the recall.

Ferrari is an Italian car manufacturer that manufactures Formula 1 racing cars, racing cars and high-performance sports cars. Most Ferrari cars are made by hand and the output is very low. Fiat has a 90% stake in Ferrari, but Ferrari operates independently of Fiat.

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