September 29, 2020

Causes and Improvements Affecting Boiler Fan Bounce

The amount of water spray is too small or the water quality is too small, and the water pipes and screen holes are blocked to different degrees of vibration. After careful inspection and analysis, once the front dust removal water is closed circuit water for the above reasons, after running for a period of time, 6 items are excluded, and Easy to solve on the spot. After opening the fan door, the impurities in the effluent will block the water pipe and the mesh hole to varying degrees, and the existing blade will accumulate 3-4 cm thick dust, and the two side walls will accumulate 8 ash which has not been removed by the three-layer sieve plate. Will also enter people, affecting the dust removal effect. 10cm thick dust, and the bottom of the volute is 30-40cm. The dehydration efficiency of the internal dehydrator is not high. The main cause of the induced draft fan vibration is the impeller sticking ash. The dehydrator is a vane structure, and the water is analyzed by changing the fluid flow direction to cause ash accumulation in the blower. In the case of a large air volume, the water removal efficiency of the structure is not high. Generally speaking, according to the designed dust removal efficiency, the wet ash accumulation caused by the splashing of the flue in the inlet section of the precipitator, the belt is introduced into the fan through the fan duct and enters the chimney to discharge the atmosphere, but the resistance in the flue is increased sharply, resulting in smoke. Gas belt water. Under normal circumstances, it should not be deposited in the fan.

The three factors that lead to the large amount of dust in the flue gas can be considered: first, the flue gas entering the induced draft fan is brought with water; the second returning ash pipe of the boiler is connected to the tail flue, and the second is the amount of dust in the flue gas. Large; the third is the water vapor dew point in the flue gas. When the whole load is high, a large amount of fine ash is placed in the tail flue and enters the dust collector, resulting in the exhaust gas temperature. The ash content in the flue gas has increased sharply, which seriously affects the dust removal effect. A pressure gauge and a flow meter are installed on the water supply pipe of the dust collector to improve the working condition of the dust remover, and the water-gas ratio is controlled within the range of 0.3-0.4L, which is both efficient and economical, and the coal quality is poor ( When A>30%), increase the water supply amount properly to avoid clogging of the screen.

Open the observation hole on the dust collector cylinder, observe the internal condition, and periodically measure the pressure drop. Determine the blockage of the screen water pipe by monitoring the change of the dust collector resistance, the water supply pressure, the flow rate change and the internal condition. If necessary, open the cleaning hole door. Clean with a high pressure faucet nozzle. The secondary return ash discharge pipe is changed from the original discharge to the tail flue to the boiler zero meter to reduce the dust removal amount of the dust collector. Determine the dew point of water vapor in the flue gas. When low load, pay attention to ensure that the exhaust gas temperature can not be too low, adjust the boiler operation mode, and try to prevent the boiler from operating under too low load. Considering that the relative air volume is large, the amount of ash is correspondingly increased. The air volume ratio is appropriately adjusted during operation, the optimal air volume under different loads is explored, and the negative pressure of the boiler is reduced, and the negative pressure value is adjusted from 30 Pa to about 100 Pa. Add a baffle to the dust collector of the dust collector to prevent wet ash from being deposited there.

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