February 21, 2020

Agricultural Machinery Industry Accelerates Development Opportunities Next Year

Agricultural Machinery Industry Accelerates Development Opportunities Next Year

On December 26, the strategic coalition of high-tech agricultural machinery in hilly and mountainous regions led by the Jifeng Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. led by the Sichuan-listed company ushered in the second management salon of the alliance. Directors of Jifeng Agricultural Machinery General Manager Liu Qi and Founder Securities Small and Mid-sized Group Manufacturing Upgrade Analyst Liu Jianmin and other people in the industry focused on the 2015 agricultural machinery industry situation analysis, the prospects of agricultural informatization, and opportunities for agricultural machinery development in hilly and mountainous regions. A lively discussion started. According to industry insiders, the scale of China's agricultural machinery market will reach 800 billion yuan by 2030. In 2015, the agricultural machinery industry is expected to usher in an opportunity to speed up development, and the hilly and mountainous regions will be the agricultural machinery blue ocean market.

The market scale will reach 800 billion in the future

Liu Qi first showed her own views on the general trend of the industry. “The historical experience of countries such as the United States, Japan and South Korea, and the analysis of China’s per capita GDP, urbanization rate, and changes in the share of rural employment among the total population in recent years, etc., and the subsequent postponement of domestic agricultural support policies. After the realization of the impact on the industry and many other factors, the era of China's large-scale feeding back agriculture has come."

From the analysis of the status quo of China's agricultural mechanization development, there is still a large gap between China and developed countries, which determines that China's agricultural machinery market still has plenty of room for development. According to reports, the size of China's agricultural machinery market was about 380 billion yuan in 2012, and by 2030 is expected to reach 800 billion yuan. It will take 20 years for China to fully implement agricultural mechanization. Due to the wide range of hilly mountains, low level of agricultural machinery, and huge development space, it is considered to be a blue ocean market for agricultural machinery.

As we all know, the agricultural machinery subsidy policy is of great significance to the current development of the domestic agricultural machinery industry. In 2014, the national agricultural machinery subsidies amounted to 23.75 billion yuan. According to forecast, this amount will reach 25 billion yuan or more in 2015. "In 2015, the industry has enough funds to promote the development of the industry." Liu Qi pointed out. From the point of view of changes in the subsidy model of agricultural machinery, the range of applications for future purchases is expected to expand, and the one-stop purchase model may be promoted. Among the generalized provinces, the generalized system for promoting the GSP and the key product generalized system is worth paying attention. The subsidy list may be cancelled. “Overall, the agricultural machinery subsidies in 2015 simplified the decentralization of power and accelerated its development.”

Liu Qi also analyzed the development trends of dryers for grain processing, sprayers for crop protection, agricultural aircraft, livestock husbandry products, heavy-duty tractors of over 200 hp, and large-scale cotton picking machines, etc. from the perspective of future changes in subsidies for agricultural machinery. The rice transplanters, corn harvesters, wheat harvesters, and small tractors are considered to be "vigilance" products.

Liu Jianmin shared his views on the industry's future trends from the perspective of agricultural informationization. "The penetration of the Internet into agricultural informatization has made the interconnection and sharing of information a development trend. The agricultural informatization has also gradually progressed from the measurable and controllable stages of production to quality traceability and information sharing." He pointed out that information on the agricultural industry information chain The stream will optimize the allocation of agricultural resources, achieve full traceability, and improve the efficiency of all aspects of agricultural production. Mobile internet, land circulation, internet of things, big data and cloud computing will promote the development of agricultural informatization.

Industry Linkage Upstream and Downstream Alliance Development

The views of Liu Qi and Liu Jianmin were endorsed by executives and industry insiders in numerous agricultural machinery industries and sparked heated discussions.

The Financial Investment Report noted that the management salon event of the day was the second activity of the high-tech strategic coalition of high-tech agricultural machinery in hilly and mountainous regions. On December 5th, the Strategic Alliance for High-tech and Featured Agricultural Machinery in the hilly and mountainous regions led by Jifeng Agricultural Machinery was established. With the mission of “promoting industry progress and developing modern agriculture”, the alliance established the first industrial alliance body of the Chinese agricultural machinery industry and strived to become a technology, management, and policy. , Platform for information exchange, resource integration, industry integration, platform for project investment, and a platform for suggestions, policies, standards, and industry progress.

The high-tech strategic coalition of agricultural machinery in hilly and mountainous regions has proposed a three-step development vision. The first vision is to set up a guild, integrate resources, and hold the world together. The second vision is the joint development of Sichuan and Chongqing, and the development of clusters. The third vision is the linkage of the industrial chain and the development of upstream and downstream alliances.

In addition to the Jifeng agricultural machinery, the alliance members also include the leaders of the Sichuan Agricultural Machinery Manufacturing Industry, such as Sichuan Chuanlong Tractor Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Sichuan Lezhi Wuyi Machinery Co., Ltd., and AMC (Sichuan Modern Agricultural Machinery Industrial Park Development Co., Ltd.) and Chengdu Forever Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. etc.

At present, the potential of Sichuan's agricultural machinery market is huge. According to the plan, the province’s target for 2020 is that the province’s total agricultural machinery power will reach 55 million kilowatts, and the output value of the agricultural machinery industry will reach 80 billion yuan, compared with 38 million kilowatts in 2013. There is a huge space and potential in this.

In front of a huge market, Wang Xinming, chairman of Jifeng Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd., who led the formation of the alliance, once expressed the hope that he can solve problems such as small scattered problems faced by the southern agricultural machinery market through alliances, encourage agricultural machine manufacturers to innovate, and allow everyone to be on the same platform. Exchange and seek common development. The alliance platform is not only a platform for technology, management, policy, and information exchange, but also a platform for resource integration, industrial integration, and project investment.

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