February 28, 2020

Controlling inflation or vacuuming

Controlling inflation or vacuuming
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The electronic control part is used to control the work process of the whole machine. It is directly related to the performance, sensitivity and safety of the whole machine and is one of the main aspects affecting the reliability of the whole machine. The output execution circuit consists of two solid state relays and is used to Control inflation or vacuum two working conditions. Optocoupler circuits are used for isolation between strong and weak currents to improve the immunity to interference. The display circuit uses two sets of digital seven-segment display to display the inflation pressure and set the remaining time of the inflation time (showing the set working time in the standby state and the remaining working time in the working state).

The wired remote control part consists of a single-chip microcomputer, buttons, a control box, a cable, and a serial interface circuit, and communicates with the host to realize remote wired control. Dryness is an indicator of the degree of air drying. It refers to the mass density of water vapor contained in the air. It is exactly the same as the water vapor density at the dew point in the dimension. The absolute humidity (saturation vapour pressure and saturated vapour density) of each dew point is unique and invariable, plus it has characteristics, ie, dew condensation, so it is natural to use it to express dryness. The amount of moisture in the air determines the temperature of the dew point, and the lower the moisture, the lower the dew point temperature. The dew point can be measured with a dew point meter. As long as the dew point meter is connected to the air path to be measured, the dew point temperature can be displayed immediately and conveniently and quickly. Like gears and bearings, they can be immersed in oil or coated with grease, which is not costly. Precious cultural relics or celebrity arts and calligraphy have higher requirements on the temperature and humidity of storage. Some materials need to be stored at low temperature. What's more, it needs to be installed in liquid nitrogen, needless to say.

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