February 28, 2020

High pressure turbine flow meter characteristics

High pressure turbine flow meter characteristics

High pressure turbine flowmeter   It is an improved electromechanical high-pressure turbine flow and flow measurement instrument. Due to the fact that the series of flowmeter products emphasizes the environmental conditions and governance aspects of oilfields, chemical engineering and other occasions in the course of design and improvement, it will also share the advantages of a typical flowmeter. Set in high pressure, it is a new type of flowmeter that oil and chemical systems want.

The characteristics of high-pressure turbine flowmeters : a flowmeter for the electronic wide-screen Chinese liquid crystal display, complete instantaneous flow, total flow, calendar display and daily flow historical data query; b flow meter core can be specifically removed from the case, complete mutual Good performance, which brings many conveniences to flow meter inspection, exchange, and cycle verification; c Adopt cross-micro processor skills, make instrument integration and more robust, more accurate calculation: make the meter coefficient and historical data In the case of power failure can also be saved far-reaching. Signal output can be pulse signal, 4-20mA response signal and RS-485 data communication. Complete password sheltering effect can prevent transformation parameters.

High-pressure turbine flowmeter is a new type of intelligent flowmeter developed with advanced ultra-low-power single-chip microcomputer technology and a display integrated high-pressure turbine. It adopts a double-row liquid crystal field display, compact structure, clear and intuitive reading, and high reliability. , No interference from external power supply, anti-lightning, low cost and other obvious advantages. The instrument has a three-point correction of the meter factor, the smart compensation meter coefficient is non-linear and can be corrected on site. The high-definition LCD displays both instantaneous and cumulative flow. All effective data will not be lost for 10 years after power off .  

KC/KWB series Industrial Chiller is mainly applied in Plastic & Rubber industry; it can accurately control the molding temperature and shorten the molding cycle, increase the product quality and improve the production efficiency. They are also widely used in Metal working, Mechanical & Engineering, Chemical & Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Laser, Electronics industry, Textile, Electroplate, Semi-conductor testing, Water jet, Vacuum coating, Construction and Military.

Design features

¨ Adopted world famous brand compressors and high efficiency condenser and evaporator, ensure high cooling efficiency, low energy consumption, low noise and long service life.

¨ Chilled water temperature range 5℃ to 35℃.

¨ R22 charged, CFC free type R407C, R410A, R404A, R134A for option, high cooling efficiency.

¨ Over sized evaporator and condenser ensure the Chiller unit running under 45C high ambient temperature.

¨ Microcomputer control system offering accurate temperature stability within Â±1℃.

¨ Low noise and big volume air blower.

¨ Standard equipped Iron pump, stainless steel or high lift pump for option.

¨ Multi-protection devices ensure the chiller unit running safely.

¨ The innovative evaporator-in-tank configuration ensures a steady water temperature offered, as the evaporator also cools the tank itself, reduces ambient heat gain, and increases the efficiency.

¨ KWB Water Cooled Industrial Chiller adopted shell and tube condenser, features speed heat dissipation and high cooling efficiency, it is good to be used in High ambient temperature area with abundant water.

¨ KC Air Cooled Industrial Chiller adopted aluminum fin/copper tube type condenser, easy for cleaning and installation.

¨ Power supply: 1PH 220V/50HZ-----1/2HP to 2HP

                 3PH 380V/415V 50HZ-----3HP to 60HP

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