October 26, 2020

Underground interchange

Underground interchange

Three-dimensional intersections; three-dimensional cross bridges (the modern land bridges that are built up and down in the city's important traffic intersections, multi-directional driving, and mutual non-interference) can be roughly divided into overpasses, underpasses, and overpasses.

When talking about underground interchanges, it is forbidden to mention the underground interchange of the Nanjing Green Austrian axis.

The Nanjing Qingao-Axis underground interchange project [1] consists of three parts: the Meizizhou Cross-river Tunnel, the Binjiang Avenue Tunnel, and the Qing-Ao-Axis underground space. Among them, the Meizizhou River Crossing Tunnel, Binjiang Avenue Tunnel, and Tongluo Road are overlapped and overlapped to form a complex underground three-level interchange structure with a total construction area of ​​55,000 square meters. Excavation of 1.65 million cubic meters of earth, 530,000 cubic meters of concrete, and 110,000 tons of steel are the largest underground integrated transportation hub projects in China.

Cheng Qingtao, project manager of the China Railway Construction 14th Bureau Group’s Qing Aoxi Axis, responsible for the construction of the project, said that it is equivalent to building an ultra-large three-level interchange over the ground and installing a three-level overpass under the ground. At a depth of 90 meters from the Yangtze River, the depth of concrete pouring has reached 53.5 meters, and the maximum excavation depth of the foundation pit is 27.5 meters, which is equivalent to a height of 10 stories.

It is estimated that the amount of traffic on the Japan-Austral Axis will reach 90,000 vehicles in the long-term, and if such traffic is used, there will be too many level crossings and inefficient traffic; if high-rise vehicles are used, the surrounding buildings will be damaged. landscape. All these 90,000 vehicles will be introduced into the underground hub, which is fast and efficient. When I came to the Youth Olympics section, I couldn't see such a huge underground interchange on the ground. People stood above the tens of thousands of traffic and lived in a 300,000-square-meter landscape green space, covering almost the entire area. The top floor of the Green Austrian shaft.

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