September 25, 2020

LED lighting industry is in a dilemma

This year, the lighting market has no point in the season. Has been deserted. The industry's hot word LED is not optimistic. When visiting the Shenzhen market, the reporter found that many specialty stores did not have LED products, and some brands of LED products are also in a difficult state.
However, looking at the entire LED lighting industry, it is indeed in a hot investment, the market is cold, and even the LED chip giant cree has not maintained a good momentum of development. The negative growth and losses in recent quarters have also made Cree suffer. Non-consideration. At the moment, Career intends to introduce a clear promotion plan to enhance the company's development momentum and regain the favor of investors. The industry giant Philips was also affected by the economic recession and the company's expectations and asset impairments. In the second quarter, the Philips lighting division's assets were deducted by 530 million euros. From the operation of the two giants, we can glimpse the decline in market enthusiasm, and the Shenzhen market has not escaped.
The Pearl River Delta is the birthplace of China's LED industry, and its actions represent the development trend and trend of China's LED industry. Shenzhen is one of the earliest LED industrial zones in China. At present, there are more than 2,000 companies engaged in the research, development, production and application of LED technology and products. Most of them belong to the technical field of LED packaging and application, with Shenzhen as the leader, Guangdong. The packaging output accounts for about 70% of the country, accounting for about 50% of the world. However, Shenzhen LED manufacturers have always focused on foreign trade, do not pay attention to the domestic market, resulting in low corporate visibility, coupled with not paying attention to self-promotion, resulting in their domestic market information. Not circulating, the brand image is poor. Therefore, in addition to some industry giants, it is not surprising that other brands of LED lighting products are rarely seen in the Shenzhen market.
In addition, there are already thousands of manufacturers of LED lighting fixtures, but in the market terminal, there are very few merchants specializing in LED products, and LED specialty stores are rare in the market. This is also reflected in the Shenzhen market. The reporter saw in some stores that the storefronts that operate LED products are not standardized, non-uniform, non-standard image and operating mechanism. Many brands are placed together to give consumers a more chaotic image. The traditional luminaires have low technical content, and the purchaser can easily convey the functions, features and usage methods of the products to the consumers clearly and clearly. Due to the particularity of LED products, at present, many manufacturers' bosses and salesmen are in a state of ignorance of LED-related technologies and product features, not to mention the corresponding training for merchants and shopping guides, leading to the purchase of guides. The question of the person is also very embarrassing, of course, the sales can not be improved.
Since Beijing took the lead in April last year and quickly implemented residential purchase restrictions in 43 cities across the country, the relevant urban property market has been significantly constrained. From the first half of this year, the volume of transactions has shrunk significantly, whether it is a 期房 or an existing home.
The new property order has reduced the assets of the homeowners, causing rents to rise; the proportion of down payment by non-residents has increased, and interest rates have increased. This has temporarily hit the sale of real estate and affected a series of downstream home building materials industries, and the lighting industry is no exception. The traffic volume of the major building materials markets in Shenzhen has dropped sharply, and this situation will continue for some time after the fault of such rigid housing purchases. The real estate industry and the home furnishing industry have always been in the same line and closely related. Therefore, the introduction of the purchase restriction order not only has an impact on the real estate industry, but also has an impact on the home furnishing industry. If the purchase restriction can achieve practical results, the development of the real estate industry will inevitably be limited. Then, the home industry will inevitably be affected. In that case, the sales situation of household products will not be optimistic. In the home industry, the lighting industry will be affected by it.
The new country eight is only the beginning of the business nightmare. In March this year, due to the skyrocketing price of upstream phosphors, the cost of energy-saving lamps enterprises increased, and most energy-saving lamps companies have raised the price of 10-30. For the wave of price hikes caused by the sharp rise in raw material prices, some merchants expressed an understanding attitude, saying that they are reluctant to accept, but there are also many businesses complaining. At the same time that the market downturn has led to increasingly fierce competition, some irregular behaviors have begun to rise. Some irresponsible enterprises have attracted consumers through inferior products, and have used the characteristics of consumers without professional knowledge to gradually raise prices and force consumers to consume. For example, the halogen powder lamp, which sells for only a few dollars, is currently selling well. The low price has a strong impact on the pure tri-color energy-saving lamp market, and it accounts for almost half of the market.
However, under the wave of price increases, a new round of purchase restrictions has begun. Due to the high fever in some second- and third-tier cities, the State Council’s upgrade purchase restriction controls the second and third-tier cities where some housing prices are rising too fast. This will effectively control the real estate prices and significantly inhibit the development of the lighting market in the second half of the year. . In addition, the opening of the Universiade, the improvement of landscape lighting, the renovation of road lighting, the purification of urban lighting and the temporary landscape construction project of the Universiade, I thought it could bring development to the thermal industry. However, these large projects are only beneficial. A few big brands have no advantage for ordinary brands to go through small projects and home improvement projects.
According to the Shenzhen lighting business, on April 27th, the Shenzhen Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau issued the “Notice on the Management of Construction Operation of Control Construction Projects during the 2011 Shenzhen Universiade”. The “Notice” is called to effectively protect the air environment during the 2011 Shenzhen Universiade. Quality and construction safety, during the Universiade, temporary construction stoppage measures were taken on construction sites, and construction sites that could not be completed before July 31, from July 10, 2011, took corresponding measures for stoppages according to different control zones. Therefore, in addition to the Universiade service engineering and rescue and disaster relief projects, the city will suspend the construction permit involving earth and stone works; the earth and stone works that have not yet started the construction permit shall not be started.
Thus, from the end of April to August 25, the suspension of construction sites in Shenzhen has also had a certain impact on the lighting industry. In particular, some of the major store-related storefronts are not a big hit. Op Lighting Agency explained to the author: This year's lighting market is relatively cold, for three reasons. First, due to the influence of various national real estate control policies, since the implementation of the purchase restriction, the proportion of commercial housing down payment has increased, making many buyers On the other hand, the current rising raw materials, product price increases, coupled with rising prices, consumers' consumption is increasingly rational. Moreover, the temporary suspension of the construction of the Shenzhen Universiade has also brought certain influence to the shops that have taken the engineering and home improvement channels. These three factors have caused the Shenzhen lighting market, especially the home lighting market to be lighter than in previous years. And Ou Pu's LED products are too expensive to fight ordinary brands, the current sales are not optimistic, many consumers are difficult to accept.

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