October 22, 2020

The rise of the LED integrated downlight market in the first-tier cities

In the fourth quarter of this year, the overall output value of the LED industry will increase by 20, and the annual output value of LED indoor lighting will increase by 110% compared with last year. It is expected that the growth rate of output value will remain at around 60 next year.
The demand for indoor lighting is just around the corner. Compared with traditional energy-saving lamps, LED downlights occupy a certain market share with its unparalleled substitution and transcendence. Together with the country's continuous demonstration and application of LED downlights, LED tubes The position of the lamp in indoor lighting has gradually consolidated.
In Beijing, whether it is a professional lighting store, or a comprehensive building materials market that focuses on retail, you can see LED downlights. They are not only active in the field of commercial lighting, but also light up one family. Last year, the market value of downlights has reached 4.2 billion. As a part of the downlight family, LED integrated downlights have also developed along with the overall market. Become the leader in the entire downlight family.
The first- and second-tier cities are favored by LED integrated downlights and the drive is hidden inside the lamps, not exposed, and some products are equipped with anti-fog masks to make the whole lamp look harmonious. Because it can maintain the overall unity and perfection of the interior decoration, it does not damage the setting of lamps such as chandeliers, and becomes an essential lighting product for setting scene lighting.
Since the integrated downlight can be used for both general lighting and auxiliary lighting, its wide applicability determines its more powerful market share. Consumers in first- and second-tier cities pursue a more refined home environment, and home repairs usually undergo professional decoration design, which makes the integrated downlights more useful.
In first- and second-tier cities, the well-constructed integrated downlight directly affects the sales of bulbs and becomes a powerful competitive item for led bulbs. Li Zhiguang, regional manager of SAT Siyat Lighting in North China, told the reporter of "High-tech "LED Lighting Channel".
SAT integrated downlight models range from 2 inches to 8 inches, but depending on the model and brightness, there are also big differences in their use. For example, 2 inches to 4 inches are used in home lighting applications, and 4 inches to 8 inches are used in large shopping malls. Li Zhiguang said.
The size of the integrated downlight is proportional to its brightness. The larger the size, the greater the brightness. For indoor lighting that emphasizes comfort and situational settings, small-sized downlights have an irreplaceable advantage due to their shaping of scene lighting. Has become a must-have product for indoor lighting in first- and second-tier cities.
It is reported that only SAT integrated downlights have hundreds of thousands of orders in the Beijing area for one month. It can be seen that the market potential of LED integrated downlights is still very large.
Relatively stable price At present, the focus of energy-saving renovation in most commercial lighting areas in Beijing is to promote the use of LED lighting products. Since the lighting space range of commercial occasions is larger than that of general household lighting, the height of ceilings is generally higher than that of indoors, and high-intensity large-sized integrated downlights are used more.
The popularity of LED products in the home improvement field is inextricably linked to the price of their products.
The reporter learned through the investigation that the source price of Hanyuan 3WLED integrated downlight was 22.9 yuan. The price of general LED integrated downlights on the market ranges from 20 yuan to more than 100 yuan. As the integrated downlight for home indoor lighting, the price from 2 inches to 4 inches is between 20-70 yuan. This price and general energy saving Compared to bulbs, it is still relatively high for ordinary towns and villages.
However, the advantage of the LED integrated downlight is that the price is relatively stable, which is different from the crazy price war of other LED products.
The reporter learned that LED integrated downlights and split downlights are comparable in price and are gradually lowering.
Our prices are basically stable. If we move, we will also go to the market terminal to conduct in-depth research to maximize the protection of dealers' interests. Li Zhi ad complained to reporters.
At present, the residents of ordinary villages, due to the limitations of the home environment and economic level, the application of LED products is limited to the replacement of LED bulbs.
The heat dissipation performance caused the reporter to visit a number of lighting stores in Beijing and found that each store has an integrated downlight, but in the eyes of most dealers, there is not much difference between the integrated downlight and the separate downlight. This aspect shows that the LED integrated downlight has no special advantage in price; on the other hand, it also shows that the integrated downlight has low acceptance in actual operation.
After the reporter learned about the dealer's concerns, how about the heat dissipation of the integrated downlight, if it is broken, is it all necessary to replace it? Many dealers have taken the integrated downlight as a new category because of such concerns, and they are trying to do it with a try. The person in charge of Beijing Jiashengle Commerce said that the sales of integrated downlights still cannot be compared with the separate downlights.
In this highly competitive era, any new product that wants to gain a foothold and keep its own market cake needs to speak with good quality.
However, the real sinking of the focus on the production of a single LED product, the manufacturers of large, complete, and specialized categories are still few, and the production of LED downlights is also.
The heat dissipation of LED directly affects the service life and light decay of LED lamps. The problem of heat dissipation of LEDs can be said to have plagued all manufacturers, and it is also a problem that hinders the popularity of LEDs. Compared with the integrated downlight, the drive of the split downlight is outside, and the heat dissipation is good. How to improve the heat dissipation of the integrated downlight has become one of the directions of the manufacturers.
Manufacturers have to worry about any type of product, there are inevitable problems, but with the development of LED technology, the problem of heat dissipation of integrated downlight is not a constraint. Gong Xingfu, manager of Snow Wright North China, told reporters.
It is reported that the Shelllite integrated downlights currently have 4W, 6W, 8W, 10W, 12W models, and are still improving, 15W and 18W are also coming soon. Several existing products are very good in terms of heat dissipation. The ultra-thin thickness is only 3.6CM, and the color rendering is about 80. Gong Xingfu introduced the reporter.
Since the integrated downlight is driven inside its lamp body, how to better dissipate heat becomes its biggest development bottleneck. Separate downlights, drive power and lamp body can be directly assembled with different brands and different grades of products. The overall performance and quality of the products are difficult for consumers to judge.
The integrated downlight is integrated with the lamp body, which directly tests the matching between the lamp body and the chip. If the driver does not match the board and chip well, it will directly affect the stability and service life of the whole lamp. The SAT's circuit board and driver are self-produced, which improves the matching with the imported chip. The whole lamp is more stable to use. Li Zhi ad complained to reporters.
No matter how the times develop and how the sales channels change, persuasive quality, more design-oriented appearance and cost-effective products are always products that consumers like, and also the direction of LED manufacturers.

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