October 22, 2020

LED lighting industry enters the "no-package era"

The LED lighting industry is one of the strategic emerging industries in China's 12th Five-Year Plan. The industry is developing very rapidly, and the application market potential is huge. Due to the lack of standardized and standardized optical components and lighting standards, it poses severe challenges to the development of the entire industry. At the same time, it also restricts the healthy development of the LED lighting industry to a certain extent.
In recent years, Jinke Electronics has introduced a flip-chip gold-free chip-scale package device that creatively combines flip-chip bonding technology with gold-free chip-scale packaging, with more stable performance, better heat dissipation, and more uniformity. Light color distribution and smaller volume are favored by more and more LED lighting companies and terminal product application companies. So what is the gold-free package?
In integrated circuit packaging technology, the connection of the wafer electrode to the bracket pins is generally achieved by interconnecting gold wires, but gold wire breakage has been one of the common causes of failure. With the introduction of flip-chip bonding technology, the connection between the two can be connected by a more stable metal bump solder ball, eliminating the gold wire, greatly improving its reliability and heat dissipation. Flip-chip soldering technology has also been used in LED packaging technology, LED has a long life and other advantages, with the flip-chip soldering technology than the traditional gold wire interconnect packaging technology can give full play to the advantages of LED, known as gold-free package . At present, the representative enterprise that can maturely apply this technology is Jingke Electronics.

Mould Temperature Controller
RTC series automatic mould temperature controller is mainly used for mould heating and keeping constant temperature, as well
as for the fields with same requirement. This series adopts heat-exchanging principle, using water or high- heat-conduction oil as media to keep the mould at a constant temperature during molding, which guarantee top quality for molding. The optimized design ensures the heating temperature up to 200 degree centigrade. The characteristics of machine:
(1)Computer control, direct-view, easy and simple for operation, PID temperature control with high accuracy and stable temperature controlling. The accuracy is within ±1 degree centigrade .
(2)Use horizontal pump, running in smooth and steady way, stable flow with long life
(3)Cylindrical tube design, pressurization and explosion-proof.
(4)Automatic alarming function, alarm and stop automatically when the system has a breakdown
(5)Attractive appearance, easily-dismount design, convenient for maintenance
(6)Water and oil cooling type for customers' selection

Oil Type Mold Temperature Controller

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