July 27, 2021

Analysis of the ten characteristics of the LED era

It’s time to come, the era of LED lighting; to say no to believe and helpless, LED has made an era; opponents have it, history does not matter, sarcasm has it, will only be abandoned by the trend. At present, LED lighting technology is developing rapidly. Here, let me talk about personal views on LED technology and the market.
1. Substrate: Substrate material, three arrows are all in the field of the substrate. The current development can be summarized by using the substrate material and three arrows. In the past, the substrate materials were mostly sapphire and silicon carbide, and this year, with the addition of silicon materials, the competition has become fierce. For example, Toshiba, Samsung, TSMC and other giants have recently released LED chips for silicon substrates, and the light efficiency can reach 140lm/w. Here, it is pointed out that there are many domestic companies doing silicon substrate materials, but domestically. The silicon substrate is mostly 2 inches, and international brands such as Samsung and Toshiba start with 8-inch films. Anyone who knows about the substrate material knows how big the difference between a 2-inch film and an 8-inch film. We have not taken off yet, and we are far behind international companies. This is the gap between us and foreign countries.
2, chip: flip chip, a sudden rise in the field of chips, flip chip technology is emerging, especially in the high-power, outdoor lighting application market will be more popular. Flip-chip technology has the following obvious advantages: First, it does not pass sapphire heat dissipation, and can be used with high current; second, the size can be made smaller, the optical is easier to match; third, the heat dissipation function is improved, so that the life of the chip is obtained. The improvement is the third; the third is the improvement of anti-static ability; the fourth is to lay the foundation for the subsequent development of packaging technology. Therefore, companies are advised to pay more attention to flip chip technology, especially those that play high power.
3, packaging: chip packaging, subversion of the traditional in the field of packaging is also undergoing a huge subversion. For example, there is a technology that Taiwanese call no-packaged chips, and the industry has shown a completely different attitude. Some have turned a blind eye to it. They believe that this unpackaged chip technology is fake and bluff; some Oppose, contradict, think that this brings trouble and pain to the application vendors; others think that this unpackaged chip can not compete with COB, COB has an absolute advantage. I believe that the chip packaging technology has the following characteristics: First, the chip is directly eutectic soldered to the bottom pad of the package, which simplifies the production process and reduces the production cost. Secondly, there is no bracket, the thermal resistance is greatly reduced, and the same device volume can provide more. High power; third, the package form is smaller, closer to the point source, and the end user lighting design is more flexible. Unpackaged chips are not a hassle for downstream application vendors, but rather bring greater convenience to application vendors.
4, application: lighting manufacturers, shopping channels and downstream applications, lighting manufacturers are shopping channels. Here, we have to see what kind of road is the new lighting company entering the LED industry? Replace it first. But whether it is replacement or transcendence, it is the road of lighting; and the original lighting company? They are on this road, LED is just a replacement product. The narrow road meets the brave, but this brave person thinks that the proportion of traditional lighting manufacturers will be larger.
5, professional: Wendao successively, the industry specialization talked about here, I thought of the Tang Dynasty great writer Han Yu said: Wendao has a sequence, the industry has a specialization. This year, the specialized branch of the LED market has further developed. For example, OEMs, such as Fujian Lidaxin and Shenghui, have been doing it for many years. There are several large ODM professional street lamp foundries in East China and South China, and some have annual output of several hundred thousand miles. In order to increase market share and brand influence, some large enterprises will need more product classification, which will bring business opportunities to OEM companies that focus on a single product.
6, single: simple and simple, the ultimate single, some will become another rule of business survival, like Foshan lighting only to do light bulbs, bulbs, wood Linsen lighting only to do the light, Shifu For the first time, it is only for grille lamps. It is relatively more difficult for manufacturers of serialized products to be bigger and stronger. It is better to stretch your fists and clench your fists, do your own single category, and make the best of these products, to achieve the most cost-effective and reasonable, you will stand on the market. In addition, as labor costs increase, companies must automate the manufacturing process.
7. Control: Intelligent control, fascinating in the product development trend, I believe that smart home, smart office, intelligent lighting will be the future trend, LED intelligent lighting will be an important growth point to increase the added value of semiconductor lighting. For example, use a mobile phone or PAD to directly control the LED light, manually design or even intelligent memory function; automatically adjust the lighting mode at different times and scenes; from indoor lighting to intelligent control of outdoor lighting.
8. Equipment: Intelligent equipment, maturing with the disappearance of the demographic dividend, labor costs are increasing, and automated production has been widely adopted. Robotics and electronic tags (RFID) have greatly increased the automation of the production line, enhanced convenience, increased reliability and reduced labor costs. In the future, smart devices will increasingly be used in LED companies.
9. Channels: Shops and e-commerce, mutual linkage Currently, the Internet has been seriously affected by the rapid response and high efficiency of the Internet, and the double 11 will become the carnival of e-commerce collectives every year. In the face of the hot sales of online stores and the cold of offline stores, I believe that manufacturers should think more about how to help dealers and distributors to open online business and strengthen online and offline linkages. How to let the e-commerce platform transport the online source of customers to the offline channel dealers to achieve a win-win situation? How the store merchants are linked to each other is the most important issue for the lighting manufacturers who are currently doing e-commerce.
10. Brand: Above the brand, it is increasingly prominent. At the same time, I always believe that regardless of the times and how the technology changes, the brand building and construction is always crucial. Brand is the consumer's awareness of the product and product line. It is a kind of evaluation and cognition of a company and its products, after-sales service and cultural value. It is a kind of trust. At present, the price war in the industry is prevalent, we must see that it is impossible to fight the price blindly, the market will never have the lowest price, only the lower price! Only by establishing your own brand can you occupy a commanding height in the market. For the construction of the brand, the most important thing is to choose the lights and make the lights.

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