December 02, 2020

The foundation of the first large-scale chemical equipment base in Xinjiang

China Drying Network In Xinjiang, a key period for accelerating the development and transformation of coal resources and developing modern coal chemical industry, on April 10, Xinjiang Jinyang Coal Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. Xinxing Chemical Equipment Xinjiang Development and Manufacturing Base was laid in the Chengxi Industrial Park in Fukang City. The base has a total investment of 1 billion yuan, which fills the gap in the development of the coal chemical industry in Xinjiang that does not have a large-scale chemical equipment manufacturing base.

According to reports, the Xinxing Chemical Equipment Xinjiang R&D and manufacturing base project built by Xinjiang Jinyang Coal Chemical Machinery Company has a construction scale of 50,000 tons of chemical pressure vessel products. Among them, 10,000 tons of stainless steel pressure vessels, 10,000 tons of heat transfer pressure vessels, heavy pressure vessels (water slurry slurry wall gasifier, hydrogenation reactor, etc.) 30,000 tons. The project will purchase CNC cutting machine, CNC large-scale coiling machine, photoelectric tracking automatic submerged arc welding machine, 8m double-column CNC vertical lathe, CNC gantry boring and milling machining center, CNC deep-hole drilling machine, mechanized group equipment, and large containers. The overall heat treatment furnace, large lifting equipment, etc. more than 900 sets. The construction period of the project is 24 months. After the project is completed and put into production, it will have an annual sales income of 2 billion yuan and a profit of 200 million yuan.

Xinjiang Jinyang Coal Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. is a coal chemical equipment R&D funded by Shanxi Yangquan Coal Group based on Shanxi Yang Coal Chemicals Group, a leading chemical equipment manufacturing company in the United Nations, Dalian Jinzhou Heavy Machinery Group, established in Fukang City, Changji Prefecture, Xinjiang. Manufacturer company.

It is reported that Shanxi Yang Coal Chemicals Group is currently the largest professional manufacturer of chemical machinery equipment and pressure vessels in North China. Li Guangmin, chairman of the company, said in an interview with the China Chemical News reporter that Xinjiang's "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" proposed to vigorously develop modern coal chemical industry to form coal-synthesized ammonia, coal-made dimethyl ether, coal gas, coal-to-olefin, coal Glycol, coal coking and coal-based multi-generation seven industrial chains. At present, there are nearly 100 large-scale domestic and foreign enterprises in Xinjiang, and more than 60 coal fields and coal chemical projects have been started. The total investment is over 800 billion yuan. The cost of equipment acquisition accounts for 50% of the total investment in coal chemical projects, which means that Xinjiang's equipment requirements for coal chemical projects under construction exceed 400 billion yuan.

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