December 02, 2020

Distribution of Soil Moisture Temperature Monitoring Stations

Soil moisture and moisture temperature are the basic elements of agricultural weather observation and monitoring. The appearance of soil moisture temperature recorder makes this measurement easy and accurate. China's soil moisture temperature station network gradually formed after the establishment of the 50's, but its rational layout has not been systematically studied. The Agrometeorological Operational Guide only states that the soil moisture temperature should be observed at all basic stations and agricultural weather stations when possible. Although the Soviet Union had a network of soil moisture temperature stations, there was no research data on its rational layout. This paper is based on the analysis of the temporal and spatial variations of soil moisture in China, and the division of soil moisture, analysis and calculation of soil moisture temperature stations representing each area, and the results of national national soil moisture temperature station layout.

Soil moisture temperature is an important element of agricultural weather observations. The upland moisture station should generally be an agricultural weather station, so the establishment of the soil moisture temperature station network must also be conducted under the above guidelines. Because of the large spatial and temporal variability of soil moisture, it is only on the basis of studying the law of soil moisture changes that the upper soil moisture field is relatively uniform, and the method of selecting representative stations in each area is used to achieve _renal moisture. The day of the rational layout of the station. For this reason, zoning is an important work for the rational distribution of soil moisture stations.

Based on the research results of the above-mentioned soil moisture zoning and reasonable distribution of soil moisture temperature stations in all provinces (cities, districts) and patches, a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods was used to propose a scheme for rational distribution of the on-site moisture measurement stations.

In determining soil moisture stations, the agriculture and forestry husbandry was taken into consideration. The first was agriculture, and the need for forestry and animal husbandry was taken into consideration. Except for areas with abundant soil moisture, the agricultural areas in the Northeast Plain, Huang-Huai-Hai Plain, and Loess Plateau had more measurements. Stations, the main producing counties of some grain and cash crops, are mostly counties where the national soil moisture stations are located. In the pastoral areas and forest areas, a certain number of soil moisture stations are also set up, so that the soil moisture information can better serve the production of agriculture, forestry, and animal husbandry.

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