December 03, 2020

Dalian Equipment Manufacturing List Industry Demonstration Base

Dalian Equipment Manufacturing List Industry Demonstration Base

Recently, in the list of the 36 industrial agglomerations of the 5th batch of “National New Industrialization Demonstration Base” announced by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the equipment manufacturing industry cluster in Dalian Jinzhou New District has achieved the advantage of intelligent equipment manufacturing.

As the equipment manufacturing industry of Dalian's pillar industry, after many years of adjustments in structure and technological innovation, it has formed the advantages of intelligence and greenization, especially some high-end products. At the same time as replacing imports, it has not only gone abroad, but also has been affected by some European and American countries. The favor.

Industrial agglomeration is the foundation

After years of optimization and adjustment, there are currently 277 equipment manufacturing companies in the equipment manufacturing industry cluster area of ​​Dalian Jinzhou New District, of which 212 are above-scale enterprises. It is the most important industrial transfer undertaking area in Dalian's equipment manufacturing industry and strategically located in Dalian City. Emerging industry development core area. Relying on Dalian for a century to form a complete and complete industrial system, the equipment manufacturing industry in Dalian Jinzhou New District has the characteristics of high technical level, strong equipment strength, and high degree of agglomeration, and gradually formed a high-end CNC machine tool, transportation equipment, refrigeration equipment, and large-scale Elevators, wind turbines, large-scale chemical equipment, metallurgical equipment, marine equipment, bearings, hydraulic pressure, pump valves and other basic components are the core equipment manufacturing industry clusters. Especially in the field of modern transportation equipment, there is a strong momentum. At present, there are more than 120 companies in the auto parts industry in the New District. There are 48 categories and more than 1,000 varieties of auto engines and accessories, automotive bearings, brakes, shock absorbers, and steering systems. Has formed a car engine, transmission and other auto parts industry as a driving force, and special vehicles, new energy vehicles based on the automobile industry as the main development of synchronous development, the upper and lower reaches of the industrial chain is in full development trend. In 2012, the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers formally approved Dalian Jinzhou New District as a “China Auto Parts Manufacturing Base”.

Technological innovation

After years of hard work, the enterprise technology center and R&D institution of the equipment manufacturing industry cluster in Dalian Jinzhou New District have achieved major scientific research results. More than a dozen national-level technology centers and R&D institutions have settled here, and the number of effective invention patents has reached 2,082. A large number of internationally renowned brands such as the German Volkswagen, Deutz, BorgWarner, SKF, Sulzer, GROB, Yamazaki Mazak, Mitsubishi, Sanyo, and Xingma have entered, and Dalian machine tools have also emerged. Dalian electric porcelain, Dalian Guangyang technology and a large number of domestic famous brands.

A 15,000 ton forging hydraulic press of the major design institute won the first prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award, the 2150mm hot strip mill won the first prize of national scientific and technological progress, the key technology independent innovation and engineering application of the 2150mm hot strip continuous hot rolling mill won the country The second prize of the Science and Technology Progress Award, and the key technology of the main key equipment (stacked container internals and rotating shield plugs) of the China Experimental Fast Reactor Nuclear Island were awarded the first prize of the China Nuclear Energy Industry Association Science and Technology Award.

Dalian Electric Ceramics Group took the lead in the industry to develop and develop AC 420kN double umbrella, triple umbrella type, 550kN ordinary type products; successfully developed 420kN double umbrellas, triple umbrella type, 550kN triple umbrella type products for UHV ±800kV DC transmission lines, and Through the type test and national appraisal by the China Electric Power Academy, the product performance indicators have reached the international advanced level, filling the domestic gap. The 66 models of self-developed insulators passed the expert appraisal organized by the China Electric Power Enterprise Association. The composite insulator spacer rod structure is the first in China. In 2012, Dalian Electroceramics Group Co., Ltd. won the national special prize for scientific and technological progress for its complete set of key equipment and engineering applications for UHV AC transmission.

Dalian Guangyang Science and Technology successfully developed the key functional components of the second-generation full-digital bus open-end high-end numerical control system and high-end numerical control machine tools in China, and was awarded the national independent innovation product by the Ministry of Science and Technology. It has been successfully applied to serial and hybrid control of domestic large aircraft assembly. For the domestic initiative. He successively undertook the national science and technology support plan, international science and technology cooperation program, national science and technology major projects such as "high-grade numerically-controlled machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment", especially in the special implementation of CNC machine tools, Guangyang undertakes and participates in the numerical control system, servo drive, torque Five topics, such as motors, double pendulum milling heads, and turning and milling machine tools, are the first of their kind in China.

Dalian Tianyuan Electric Co., Ltd. has independently developed a series of large-capacity wind turbine generators and realized industrialization. It has been listed as a major equipment project and a key new product by the National Development and Reform Commission. It has independently developed an offshore explosion-proof motor to realize industrialization and its products have reached The domestic advanced technology level fills many gaps in the country. In particular, it has pioneered the development of drive motor products for energy-saving and new energy vehicles in China, and its technical level has reached the domestic level. The independent research, development and manufacturing of 3 megawatt wind turbine products have filled China's model production gap.

Informatization helps intelligence

The informatization construction and application of the equipment manufacturing industry clustering area in Dalian Jinzhou New District has enhanced the overall strength and overall level of the enterprise, which has enabled the equipment manufacturing industry in Jinzhou New Area to be fully upgraded.

Firstly, through the continuous improvement of information infrastructure, the New District has established a three-dimensional communication infrastructure network and a good investment opening environment covering the whole region, which has enabled many well-known companies at home and abroad to set up R&D centers and products in the new district.

The second is the deep integration of “two kinds of”, which has greatly improved the production efficiency of the company. Through the introduction of the ERP production management system, Dali Pump Industry has established a centralized and unified operation management platform, production operation management platform, office management platform and network infrastructure, and achieved a phased leap from decentralized to centralized information construction. The application of SAP software marks the company's full use of information technology to transform traditional industries, promote information technology to promote industrialization, and form a development trend in which information and industrialization support and promote each other. The implementation of this project won a state capital grant, and won the “Second Prize of the Dalian City Information Promotion and Application Excellence Project”.

Third, informatization has increased the added value of products. As the IC industry continues to grow, embedded software, industrial software and microelectronics equipment have been fully applied to products, which has increased the level of equipment automation and intelligence, and has been applied to the industrial chain in the fields of CNC machine tools, wind power, and nuclear power equipment. The high-end upgrade exploration has focused on the development of a number of high-tech and high-value-added products, making the industry and product structure more rational. Dalian Machine Tool Group has accelerated the R&D and production of more than 10 series and more than 300 varieties of new products, leading the leading products to occupy the leading position in the industry and ranking among the top 5 in the world machine tool industry. The five-axis (multi-axis) numerical control system developed by Dalian Machine Tool Group and Koyo Technology began to equip domestic CNC machine tools.

The fourth is to drive the industrial chain bigger and stronger. The equipment manufacturing industry has a long industrial chain. Through the integration of informatization and industrialization, the industrial cluster has developed rapidly.

Around the automotive industry, many service supporting industries have gathered.

Fifthly, the integration of “two industries” has increased the level of informatization of industrial clusters and promoted the development of related industries. In order to promote the deep integration of informatization and industrialization, under the guidance of the Municipal Economic and Information Technology Commission, the New District has integrated its internal resources in recent years. It has organized and implemented the “convergence of traditional industries and IT companies” around the key industrial clusters for equipment manufacturing, and implemented two-way support. The policy has resulted in the promotion and application of a number of independently-innovated products in machine tools and other industries. It has successfully signed over 30 cooperation agreements worth nearly 100 million yuan. It not only helped strengthen and expand a number of software companies, but also greatly reduced the threshold for capital investment in information technology for equipment manufacturing enterprises. It also provided strong support for accelerating independent innovation, adjusting industrial structure, and promoting industrial upgrading, thus forming an informatization application. The good development of interactive development of the information industry.

Talent team building results

The New District adopted various measures to vigorously strengthen the construction of a talent team and achieved fruitful results. Up to now, 11 postdoctoral scientific research stations and 6 postdoctoral research bases have been set up in the New District, and as many as 43 postdoctoral researchers have been stationed in the stations. The organization reported and approved 43 postdoctoral projects in Liaoning Province. Twenty-six post-doctoral projects have been industrialized, with an annual sales income of 1.03 billion yuan. Overseas R&D team projects have obvious benefits. 17 overseas R&D team introduction projects in the region have been approved by the provincial government, and the number of projects approved has accounted for a quarter of the city's total. The 14 new overseas R&D team projects and 26 intelligence-introduced projects in the New District have been industrialized, with an annual sales income of 2.45 billion yuan.

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