December 03, 2020

Hacker Arrested Due to Heartbleed Vulnerability Invaded Canadian Tax Data

The recent Heartbleed vulnerability has been a hotly debated topic, and serious loopholes have caused Internet companies to panic. Just a few days ago, it was proved that the relevant institutions were hacked due to Heartbleed vulnerabilities and 900 users were stolen. Taken, the confirmation of this news made the judiciary act immediately. According to reports on April 16, the hacker who invaded Canadian taxation was successfully arrested. The hacker is a teenager who is only 19 years old. This shocks people.

The juvenile is now under the control of the judiciary and is accused by the court of violating relevant regulations. The case will be held on July 17, 2014. Security experts warned Internet companies that they also suggested that bugs should be fixed in time to prevent such incidents from happening again. At the same time, they also warned hackers to pay attention to their actions.

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