September 30, 2020

Maintenance and Repair of Sprinkler Pump for Chusheng Sprinkler

Xigong Chusheng sprinkler pumps use centrifugal type. In use, common damages include: cracked pump casing, wear and bending of the pump shaft, impeller cracking, bakelite washer and washer seat damage, aging of the rubber water seal, wear of the water seal seat, V-belt wheel hub and pump shaft, Keys and keyways are loose and loose. After damage occurs to the sprinkler water pump, it will cause poor water absorption, insufficient pressure, leaking gas and other faults, which will cause the diesel engine to overheat and affect the normal operation of the diesel engine. Therefore, it should be repaired and maintained:

First, the repair of the sprinkler pump

1. The shell of the pump shell can be repaired by welding or bonded with epoxy resin. The bearing seat hole can be worn out too much. It can be repaired by the bushing method. If there is any pit, groove or unevenness in the end face of the pump shell, the lathe can be turned. repair.

2, pump shaft corrosion. You can use the tin to fill the spots, recesses, and then round. The pump shaft wear can be chrome plated and the bearing rotation should be flexible and noiseless.

3, water seal wear, rubber seal aging, deformation or damage, weakened water seal spring force or corrosion should be replaced.

Second, sprinkler pump repair and test:

1. Assemble the sprinkler truck's water pump shaft and impeller, so that the end face of the impeller hole should be 0.10-0.50mm higher than the end of the pump shaft (refer to the pump with the impeller fixed by the bolt) for compaction. Refit the gasket, tighten the fixing bolt, install the water seal assembly, and lock it with a pin.

2. Put the pump impeller into the pump housing, put the rear bearing lock ring on one end of the shaft, and then install the rear bearing, spacer, and front bearing into the pump housing in turn (some pump bearings are integral type, then Install the integral bearing into the pump housing), review its fit, and insert the lock ring.

3. Mount the V-belt hub at the front end of the pump shaft, fasten it with bolts, and then attach the V-belt pulley and fan blade, tighten with a nut, but lock with an open lock (or locking piece).

4, install the pump cover and liner (some pumps do not have a cover). The clearance between the impeller and the cover (without the cover requires a clearance of 0.17-0.75 mm between the impeller and the front wall of the cylinder).

5. After the pump V pulley is installed, the oscillating error in the slot should not exceed 1.0 mm. The general rule of thumb is that when the impeller is moved, the pin feels like a gap.

6, the pump should be tested before loading. Experience is as follows: Turn the V-belt by hand, there should be no jamming phenomenon, block the inlet of the pump casing, and then add water to the impeller working chamber, turn the pump shaft, and the inspection hole should be leaked without water. If there is jamming and water leakage, the cause should be identified and eliminated.

When conditions permit, the water pump should be installed on the test bench to run the test to check the displacement and whether there is water leakage (no test bench can be compared with the new pump). After the test is completed, the pump should be filled with grease.

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