October 26, 2020

Chemical companies should adjust industrial structure, save energy and reduce emissions, and foster strategic emerging industries

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News vice president of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation of Chinese drying wire mesh Zhaojun Gui said that with the international macroeconomic growth slowed down, at this stage, it is the most opportune time petroleum and chemical industry restructuring. Oil and chemical companies should take the adjustment of industrial structure, energy conservation and emission reduction, and strategic emerging industries as the starting point and focus, and accelerate the pace of structural adjustment, transfer, and transformation and upgrading. He believes that low-speed macroeconomic growth may continue for some time. Accelerating the transformation of economic growth patterns, learning to develop in low growth, and surviving and competing at low prices is the fundamental way out for oil and chemical companies to overcome market difficulties, enhance their competitiveness, and maintain sustainable development.

False Twisting Machine is applicable to the twisting,preshrinking and false twisting of the polyester filament yarn,the production crepe yarn is used as raw material for the silk-like polyester fabrics.Because each technological provided on this equipment is a functional processing,each of the step can exert a decisive influence on the crepe yarn.Therefore, the crepe yarn styles the equipment provides are unlimitedly obtainable along with a very enriched new variety that may be developed. At the same time compared with the traditional shrink yarn method, it boasts a series of advantages,such as high efficiency,large production,low cost,quick of turn over funds,and convenient management.etc.

false twister

false twisting machine

False Twisting Machine

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