September 25, 2020

What is a miniature electric diaphragm pump?

Use range 1. Suitable for domestic tap water booster, car flushing, ship water desalination in Shanghai. 2. Applicable to reverse osmosis water purifier, water treatment equipment, filter, spray device, chemical metering and liquid, health, environmental protection, printing, etc. 3. It is used in the industry. 3. It is precisely because of the pressure difference between the spring pad and the outside atmosphere at the air outlet or exhaust port. At the same time, unlike large vacuum pumps, which require oil and vacuum pump oil, they do not contaminate the working medium, and they are small and compact. Low, maintenance-free, can run for 24 hours continuously, so the mini vacuum pump is used as a power device and is widely used in gas sampling, gas circulation, spring washer/vacuum adsorption, acceleration filtration, automotive diaphragm/vacuum assist, etc. , health, scientific research, environmental protection and other fields have been widely used.
Edit this paragraph product features 1. Low noise, corrosion resistance, high pressure, self-absorption height 5m. 2. Medium temperature up to 60 °C. 3. Allow dry operation. 4. Built-in pressure switch to protect the pump from damage. 5. The built-in overflow valve controls the normal operation of the pump. 6. It is convenient to disassemble and install. 7. It adopts safe low voltage to ensure personal safety.
Edit this paragraph selection law First, the input compressed air: It is only used to pump up, inflate, pump suction basically do not. This situation is relatively simple, according to the output pressure from the largest to the smallest available in order: PCF5015N, FAA8006, FAA6003, FAA4002, FM2002, FM1001. Of course, the relevant technical parameters such as the flow index of the hexagon socket screw are also required. Second, pumping or pumping: with a micro-pump pumping or vacuum, but sometimes there will be liquid water into the pump cavity; requires micro-pump can not only pumping but also pumping; mainly pumped by micro-pump, but do not want to rely on pumping before Artificially add “drainage”; use micro-pump to pump water, but sometimes there may be no pump to pump, and it is in “dry-running” state. These situations should choose WKA series. Third, for the pumping: micro pump for pumping is divided into two types of gas sampling pumps and miniature vacuum pumps. Gas sampling pumps are: PM series; miniature vacuum pumps are: VM series, VAA series, PK series, PC series, VCA series, VCC series, VCH series, PH series, FM series, FAA series, PCF series. Sealer

Main control valve is an important hydraulic parts for an Excavator. It controls the action of the excavator.

The control valve function as follow:

(1) double pump confluent oil supply and increase the speed of moving arm. (only when the arm is raised)
(2) when the bucket is operated separately, double pump stations supply oil to speed up the action speed of the bucket rod.
(3) the motion of the arm is given priority, and the movement of the arm will be given priority when the arm is carried out at the same time as other movements.
(4) rotary priority, rotary and bucket at the same time, rotation will be a priority.
(5) negative flow control, give the main pump a negative flow signal, so that the stem in the middle, the main pump displacement to the minimum.
(6) walking in a straight line, when the excavator moves forward or backward, other actions can be done at the same time, in order to ensure the needs of special working conditions.
(7) the electric sensor can be configured to meet the needs of electronic control.


DH50-7, DH55D, DH60-7, DH80, DH130, DH150, DH150W-9, DH215-5, DH200-5, DH150LC-7, DH215-7, DH220-5, DH220-7, DH220-9, DH220-10, DH225-9, DH258, DH258LC-7, DH280, DH290B, DH300-5, DH300-7, DH320, DH360, DH370, DH500, DX300


R60-7, R80, R130, R140, R150-7, R150-9, R1107-7, R160-7, R210, R220, R220-7, R215-7, R220-5, R225-7, R225-9T, R225lc-7, R290, R350-7,R110-9, R215-9, R275LC-9, R305, R305-7, R320, R335-7,R360, R370, R375, R375-7H, R455, R460, R485-7


EC130, EC140B, EC210B, EC210C, EC235C, EC240B, EC290, EC290B, EC290C, EC360B, EC460B, EC460C, EC480D


E305, E320, E325C, E315C, E330C, E315D, E320D, E325D, E330D, E360D, E70B, E120B, E200B, E320B, E330B


PC35,PC40,PC45, PC50, PC55, PC60,PC60-6, PC70, PC75, PC78, PC80, PC90, PC100, PC110, PC120, PC120-7,PC130, PC150, PC160, PC180, PC200,PC200-6, PC200-7,PC200-8, PC210-8,PC220-6,PC220-7,PC210, PC220, PC230, PC240,PC240-8, PC270, PC300, PC360,PC360-7, PC350, PC400, PC450, PC650, PC750, PC1250,D31, D50,D65, D85, D155, D275, D375, D475 


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HD80R, HD820-5, HD1023, HD1430, HD700-7,HD1430-7, HD1250-7, HD450-7


SH120A2/A3,SH130, SH200A2/A3, SH210A5, SH240A3, SH360A5


KX155, KX135, KX161-3

160-7 valve220-7 main control valve

Excavator Main Valve

Excavator Main Valve,Pc160-7 Excavator Main Valve,Pc200-7 Main Control Valves,Excavator Main Relief Valve