February 28, 2020

Asia industry asset insurance gap petrochemical industry is the most serious

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China Drier Network News According to ADB's forecast, with the development of various economies and the advancement of urbanization, Asia region will need approximately $8 trillion in new infrastructure investment from 2010 to 2020 to adapt to the economic development scale in the region. . Graham Copland, executive director of John Foord, said: “We reviewed nearly 100 asset valuations in Asia's telecommunications, energy and petrochemical industries. We compared the actual replacement value with the insurance amount and found that the three industries have insufficient insurance coverage. The phenomenon is particularly serious, with an average insurance gap of 30%, and in some cases as high as 60%.” However, statistics show that the lack of large-scale insurance coverage by Asian companies is very significant, and the gap between economic losses and insurance losses continues to increase.

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