July 12, 2020

Dongfeng Hearing Apartment Construction Project

Project Name: Zhengzhou Dongqu Real Estate Co., Ltd. Dongfeng Hearing Apartment Construction Project Progress: Filing Construction Period: October 2011-October 2013 Major Equipment: Fire-fighting facilities, security facilities, water supply and drainage facilities, electrical facilities, ventilation facilities , lighting facilities, cranes.
Project Introduction:
The project is located in the south of Dongfeng Road and West Dongming Road in Jinshui District of Zhengzhou City and Dongfeng Hearing Apartment Construction Project of Zhengzhou Dongqu Real Estate Co., Ltd. The land use right of the project is 10,265 square meters, and the green area is 3,144.17 square meters, accounting for 30.63% of the total land area. It is planned to build a total area of ​​60,279.95 square meters, of which residential 21,914.54 square meters, property buildings 99.73 square meters, commercial 6005.64 square meters, business office users 18,144.89 square meters, underground area 14,115.15 square meters, total number of 234 households (90 square meters or less 15342.53 square meters of buildings, accounting for 70.011% of the total residential area, 23 sets of 89.74 square meters, 23 sets of 89.73 square meters, 7 sets of 56.46 square meters, 27 sets of 89.75 square meters, 54 sets of 124 square meters, and 27 sets of 89.77 square meters) , The volume ratio of 4.497, the main equipment of the community includes firefighting, air defense, and security intelligent equipment.

Total project investment: 120 million yuan.

Construction Unit: Zhengzhou Dongqu Real Estate Co., Ltd. Postal address: Jinshui District, Zhengzhou City Postal Code: 450000
Contact: Yuan Hang Telephone

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