April 02, 2020

Zoran Crystal City Residential Community Construction Project

Zoran Crystal City Residential Community Construction Project (2011-2012, RMB 360 million)
Region: Chongqing Progress Stage: Project Approval Verification Construction Period: 2011-2012 Major equipment: fire-fighting facilities, cranes, excavators, fans, speed-up devices, generators, control devices, adjustment systems, and support towers.

Project Description:
The project is located at B5, Jiangbei New Town, Funan County, Chongqing. The total land area is 99176 square meters and the total construction area is 228104 square meters. The proposed building includes 7 multi-storey houses, 3 small high-rise buildings, 11 high-rise residential buildings and supporting business along the street. Facade, garage, sports facilities, etc. The total investment of the project is 360 million yuan.

Construction Unit: Chongqing Xieye Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. Postal address: Funan County, Chongqing Zip Code: 4026720
Contact: Zhao Jie Tel

Design Unit: Chongqing Haojia Environmental Impact Assessment Co., Ltd. (EIA)
Postal address: No.97, Zhongshan First Road, Yuzhong District, Chongqing Postcode: 400015
Contact Person: You Teacher Telephone

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