October 26, 2020

Hengding Heavy Industry: the world's first ship crankshaft off the line

[China Ship Net (CnshipNet China)] length of 4.766 m, weight 1.54 tons, the world's first one 6RT-Flex35 type marine diesel engine crankshaft offline. This self-produced crankshaft in China was recently shipped to Zhuhai by Suzhou Hengding Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., thus filling the gap in the international market.
The combined crankshaft in the crankshaft of marine diesel engines has only been manufactured in a few countries such as Japan, and the international market has been highly monopolized. In recent years, China has imported crankshafts at a cost of up to 50 million US dollars. The expensive price, along with the current situation of “ one axis is hard to find ” , has seriously hindered the development of China's shipbuilding industry. The successful production of the 6RT-Flex35 high-power, small-size marine diesel engine semi-combined crankshaft has made China truly a country capable of producing high-power marine low-speed diesel crankshafts in full specifications.

According to Lin Yiwu, Chief Engineer of Hengding Heavy Industry, the development and production of the 6RT-Flex35 marine diesel engine semi-combined crankshaft is only one of the strategic development goals of the company. The company also looks at the difficulty of production and high process requirements, all relying on imports. Power, small size, high strength alloy steel marine crankshaft. To this end, the company has extensively absorbed domestic and foreign crankshaft manufacturing and processing technologies, and set up a special research team to carry out technical research on 28 projects. At present, 20 projects have been completed, and a number of crankshaft core manufacturing technologies and assembly kits with independent intellectual property rights have been formed. Process technology, including small-size crankshaft crank ultra-deep R groove processing technology, small-size ultra-fine length crankshaft red sleeve technology, adjustable crankshaft red sleeve hydraulic base platform, small-size low-speed marine diesel engine crankshaft finishing technology and wide-blade cutter Design and application technology have reached the level of international similar products, with 9 patent applications, 2 invention patents and 7 utility model patents.

Hengding Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise in Changshu. It was established only for more than three years and is mainly engaged in the production of modern marine power equipment parts. The company extensively absorbs domestic and foreign crankshaft manufacturing and processing technology, and cooperates with domestic famous universities and research institutes to carry out technical research, and develops a development path combining production, study and research, independent innovation and independent development. The company pays attention to improving the business literacy of all employees. It has compiled 4 sets of teaching materials such as "Crankshaft Finishing Technology", and implements full-time training for different positions and different types of work. In fact, it is fully released in the future production process. Due to the complicated production process of the marine crankshaft and the long processing time, the average production enterprise can only produce two to three a year. The 6RT-Flex35 marine diesel engine semi-combined crankshaft took only four months from order to finished product. From January to August this year, Hengding Heavy Industry has produced 11 marine crankshafts below S46 level, and the number of orders for the whole year is 20 , breaking the production record of domestic marine crankshafts.

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