September 30, 2020

盱眙 Bearing Industry Rise to "Jiangsu Strategy"

Recently, the provincial party committee and the provincial government promulgated the Opinions on Accelerating the Construction of Important Central Cities in Huai'an and Northern Jiangsu Provinces, pointing out that “bigger and stronger 盱眙bearings and other specialty industries, and building up county-level characteristic industrial clusters” will be the first to increase the 盱眙 bearing industry. For the "Jiangsu strategy."

As a strategic pillar industry, the steel tube bearing industry has a significant and far-reaching impact on the county's economic development. We must firmly grasp the historical opportunity period of the "Jiangsu Strategy" and give full play to the "well-effect" of the policy. We should enlarge and strengthen the pillars of the county's industrial economy and build the county's first billion-dollar industrial cluster to realize the industry. Strategic rise.

Take the pulse: look laterally - "small amount of total" refraction "gap"

At present, although the county's steel tube bearing industry has achieved considerable development and achieved quality expansion, compared with the main bearing areas in China, there is still much room for improvement in terms of total scale and output efficiency.

First, the industry's share is too small. In 2010, China's bearing industry achieved steady and rapid development after the financial crisis. The industry-wide sales revenue reached 120 billion yuan, accounting for only 1.5% of the industry's share. Wafangdian Bearing Industry Cluster District, 2010, bearing sales revenue of nearly 17 billion yuan, accounting for 14.2% of the industry share; Zhejiang South Bearing Industry Cluster District, the region's industry accounted for more than 30% of the country's total; South China Bearing Industry Cluster District, sales revenue of 10 billion yuan in 2010; Shandong Liaocheng retainer industry cluster area and Linqing bearing industry sales agglomeration area, in 2010 the main business income of more than 16 billion yuan; Luoyang bearing industrial cluster area, 2010 sales revenue 5 billion yuan .

The second is the lag in industrial planning. In terms of space layout, Wafangdian is dominated by Xijiao Industrial Park and Zhujia Industrial Park. Four township industrial parks are flanked, guiding bearing companies to focus on the park, and promoting the agglomeration of bearing industries; the industrial layout is strengthened. The two major links of production and circulation speed up the construction of bearing industry bases and product distribution centers. At present, the preliminary formulation of the steel tube bearing industry development plan in our county does not specify the detailed regulations for the special industrial parks with steel tube bearings, the enterprises are disorderly in distribution, and the industrial agglomeration effect is not significant.

The third is the lack of technical power. As far as bearing enterprises are concerned, there are currently very few professional “senior-technical-high” experts; industrial planning, product development, output design, and market expansion are all weak forces; while the vast majority of personnel can only be “taking in”. Engaged in spare parts assembly. At present, compared with the attapulgite industry, the production, research and research institutes supporting the development of the bearing industry have not yet achieved “zero breakthroughs”, and fewer companies have seized the high-end market of “boutique bearings”.

Prescribing: What to do - "Beginning late" still needs to "accelerate running"

Bearings are the strategic materials of the national economy and are the key components of the equipment manufacturing industry. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has issued the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” for the development of basic components, key materials, and basic processes, which has led China to move from a big bearing country to a strong bearing country. The "Jiangsu Strategy" forms a superposition effect, and the "12th Five-Year Plan" will be the "golden five-year period" for the accelerated expansion of the steel pipe bearing industry.

The first is that "big projects" stand up to the "backbone of industry." Focusing on taking the lead in cultivating steel tube bearings as the overall goal of the county's first billion-dollar industry, accelerating the implementation of the bearing industry doubling plan, strengthening the investment team building of the steel tube bearing industry, compiling guidelines for investment promotion in the bearing industry, and The professional website is optimized to dynamically release industrial investment enterprises and take root in the bearing industrial bases of southern Jiangsu and southern Zhejiang, breaking the “harbin, Wafangdian, and Luoyang” bearing industrial high-tech zones. Each year, more than 10 key industrial projects for bearing steel tubes are implemented; Supporting the existing scale steel pipe bearing scale enterprises, we will focus on cultivating leading projects and backbone enterprises such as Jianli Bearing and Rising Sun Bearing, so as to introduce a number of major industrial projects, expand a number of advantageous enterprises, and expand industrial clusters to realize breakthroughs. . By 2015, the total number of projects reached more than 100, with sales revenue of 10 billion yuan, industrial added value accounting for more than 8% of total GDP, and sales totaling 5% of the country's total.

The second is that "more yellow eggs" gave rise to "polymerization effects." In accordance with the development orientation of “Cixi in the South and North Haven”, the steel pipe bearing industrial park is planned and constructed in the economic development zone, following the general requirements of “high starting point planning, high-level management, and high-efficiency service” to the economic development zone. As a leader, with the township concentration area as the dragon body, with the construction of the two districts to promote industrial agglomeration; to strengthen the construction of the bearing hardware market in the development zone, to promote the prosperity of the market with a prosperous market; to further enhance the operational capacity of the development zone scale logistics company to ensure that the steel bearing enterprises Smooth flow of logistics; enhance Hong Kong's handling capacity, provide transport guarantee for the settlement of major steel pipe bearing projects; strengthen the construction of technology-related R&D centers, engineering centers, and testing centers related to the industry; strive to build a “country” in the “Twelfth Five-year Plan”. Head steel tube bearing technology R&D center, 3 provincial “Provincial” engineering technology centers.

The third is the "science and technology core" to stimulate "expansion of vitality." The "technology core" was implanted to activate the upgrade. We must seize the new opportunity of “one city, one policy” and actively “go to the provincial office and run to Beijing” to gain more support for projects, science and technology, talents, and funds, and build cooperation between production, education, research, and government-administered enterprises. The platform firmly establishes that talent capital is the first capital, and talent input is the most effective input concept. It increases investment in the transformation of the value of talents, strives for “double creation” funds for provincial talents, establishes county-level guiding funds, and forms “investment batches”. Funding, fostering the introduction of a pool of talents, developing an industry, and nurturing an economic growth point" chain effect. “Going out” to cultivate industrial talents, may choose to send the leaders of steel pipe bearing enterprises in the county to Luoyang for further studies. Luoyang has many advantages in technology such as science and technology, design, production, manufacturing, human resources, branding, and sales. It has a bearing factory design institute. , Bearing Institute, full-time undergraduate bearing professional colleges and universities, with the help of "Luoyang Intelligence" to enhance "Zhizhi"; relying on County Technical College to open mechanical, bearing class, for the development zone to develop more industries "blue collar" and build a Professional steel tube bearing industry talents.

Status: Longitudinal ratio - "small parts" achievements "big industry"

In recent years, the steel pipe bearing industry has evolved from zero-based, zero-start, to large-spanning, and large-scale development. In 2009, the 4th All-Enlargement Conference of the 12th Party Committee of the county committee put forward: “Using projects as a support to speed up the construction of a bearing capital”, the steel tube bearing industry ushered in a new spring and quickly grew into a pillar industry in the county.

The first is the rapid accumulation of projects. At present, there are 59 steel pipe bearing projects such as Jiangsu Jianli Special Steel Pipes, Haifeng Hailin Bearings, and Davy Bearings in the development zone. From January to July this year, 5 new steel pipe bearing projects and 5 new projects have been started. Newly introduced and implemented more than 10 steel tube bearing projects each year; of which 58% are from southern Zhejiang, 26% from Southern Jiangsu, and 16% from other regions.

The second is the rapid increase in output. The core indicators of the steel tube bearing industry showed a high growth trend. In 2009, the county's steel pipe bearing enterprises realized 1.31 billion yuan in sales revenue from invoices, an increase of 36.4% year-on-year; and tax revenue of 61.97 million yuan, an increase of 48.2% year-on-year. In 2010, the invoice sales revenue was 1.85 billion yuan, an increase of 63.26% year-on-year; the tax revenue was 88 million yuan, an increase of 42.48% year-on-year. This year, the steel tube bearing industry continued to maintain its strong growth momentum, achieving 1.54 billion yuan in invoiced sales revenue, an increase of 57.1% year-on-year, and a taxation of 73.6 million yuan in storage revenue, an increase of 47.3% year-on-year. In the past three years, the average annual growth rate of invoiced sales reached 52.3%, and the average annual increase in the tax revenue of warehouse receipts was 46%, which was higher than the 3.6 and 12.7 percentage points of the county-wide industrial invoice sales and warehouse revenue respectively.

The third is the accelerated growth of the industry. The county's steel pipe bearing industry chain is further elongated and rough, and initially forms the production capacity of bearing steel pipes, ferrules, steel balls, dust caps, and retainers. In 2010, the county's steel pipe bearing industry's tax revenue accounted for 23.8% of the county's total industrial tax revenue. Invoicing sales accounted for 20.1% of the county's large-scale industrial invoice sales, among which six were invoiced exceeding a hundred million yuan in steel pipe bearing companies, accounting for the county billing Over 31.5% of the total sales amounted to RMB 1 billion; the value-added of the steel tube bearing industry reached 1.029 billion RMB, accounting for 19.6% of the county's scale industrial added value, and accounted for 6.67% of the county's regional GDP. In 2009, it was Jiangsu Machinery Industry. The Federation is named Jiangsu's only "new bearing capital."

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