March 04, 2021

The world's first mass production of "graphene battery" come out

Graphene, known as the "king of new materials," is believed to cause a technological revolution that subverts the world. Its application to battery materials is even more welcomed but has never been successful. However, at the "Nanjing International Energy-saving and New Energy Motor Show" opened yesterday, the ultra-Wei battery from Zhejiang announced that the company took the lead in the use of graphene materials in production batteries, which is still the only one in the world. However, reporters learned that this "graphene battery" can not be applied to mainstream electric vehicles. Chaowei Group, general manager of New Energy Division Yangfagen introduced Chaowei Group ranked third in the global battery industry, last year achieved sales of more than 600 billion yuan in 2010 listed on the Hong Kong Main Board, with hundreds of national patents, the overall strength of China The top 500 enterprises in the first 198. The so-called "world's first" graphene battery, is listed on February 29 this year, "the entire lead-acid battery industry has an important milestone." Li Youde, deputy chief engineer of the company's New Energy Business Unit, explained that carbon is incompatible with metals. Graphene is a kind of carbon material with special crystal structure. The lead-acid battery's main material is lead alloy. How to add graphene to lead Alloy, how to add, plus how much can not lead to mutual exclusion or even burn, but also improve battery performance and service life, Chaowei battery in this area have done a lot of research, access to a number of national patents. After several field tests, such as electric bicycles and electric bikes equipped with the battery, the battery can increase the battery capacity by 30%, extend the battery life by 30%, and increase the cost by only 10%. At present, the battery is mainly used in electric bicycles and electric bikes, suitable for low-speed electric vehicles (40-60 km per hour) battery is expected to be available in August this year. However, this reporter learned that, due to the speed and battery life are more than 100 kilometers of mainstream electric vehicles, the mainstream of its power battery is lithium iron phosphate battery or lithium-ion battery, and low-speed electric vehicle lead-acid battery is completely different technology route, Granville this "the world's first graphene battery" and can not be applied to mainstream electric vehicles.