March 04, 2021

New automatic control valve technology developed successfully

It is reported that Harbin City in 2005 will be started in the sub-household heating renovation project to promote the use of a new type of automatic control valve. This technology can not only reduce the cost of retrofit by 30%, but also save the inconvenience and economic loss brought by demolition of the wall to residents. In order to solve the heating, heating and demolition of households in the drilling, demolition of the wall, take the tube and other projects to bring the public housing area, damage to the sound insulation and decoration of the house in Harbin in 2005 organized experts to develop a new type of remote automatic control Valve technology. The technology uses hydraulic principles, a high degree of automation in the suppression of water supply before the hot water can be automatically shut down, the user pay the heat, the technicians will come to the door with a password to open the valve, open the bolt heating. This valve can be installed directly on the radiator without the need to transform the original pipeline, and to retain a design of the heating backwater, so that the heating can be maintained in the closed state of 0-3 ℃ heat, will not open the plug Cracked heating. According to reports, after the technology has been in Harbin and some property companies in Daqing City trial more than two years, the effect is good.