February 28, 2020

Accessories for Plazma Torch Nozzles 3W815

Model NO.: 3W815
Origin: China

AG60 Plasma cutting torch for plazma cutter
Features Applicable industries Metals it can cut
High tensile strength Petrol-chemical Mild steel
Corrosion resistant Automobile High carbon steel
Easy maintenance Machinery Stainless steel
Optimum performance Shipbuilding AluminuM
Air plasma cutting torch  
AG-60 cutting torch  
JG-60 cutting torch  
P80 cutting torch  
Tongchang 60 cutting torch  
Wenzhou 40 cutting torch  
JG-100 cutting torch  
p80 cutting torch  
Tongchang 80 cutting torch  

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:
Pack; 1.One piece in plastic bag and carton box 
2.As your request 
3.standard export packasge
Delivery Detail:
delivery; 15 days

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