February 28, 2020

Roman variable power inductor ballast passed the identification

Recently, the HID lamp variable power type energy-saving magnetic ballast series products developed by Shanghai Luoman Electric Light Source Co., Ltd. have passed the appraisal organized by Shanghai Economic Commission. Experts agree that this variable-power inductor ballast has advanced technology, excellent performance, and obvious power-saving effect, reaching the international advanced level and becoming a new-generation lighting power-saving product.
Luoman Company successfully developed a variable-power energy-saving magnetic ballast in August 2004 (has obtained national patent, patent number ZL200420081845.X), using innovative multi-magnetic multi-winding composite technology, consisting of several sets of independent working magnetic The combination of the circuit and the coil form a whole to adjust the impedance of the magnetic ballast. Since the HID light source and the ballast work in series in the circuit, changing the impedance of the ballast can change the operating current and output power of the HID bulb, thereby achieving the purpose of changing the power and adjusting the brightness of the light source. Due to the use of a composite structure, a sustain current is always ensured during the switching of the power change, so that the power can be continuously synchronized and maintained at 100%.

The product has the following characteristics: power saving up to 30%, stable operation, improved life of HID light source and ballast; easy to implement manual control, program control, centralized control and other control methods; does not produce higher harmonics, no Pollution of the power grid is an environmentally friendly ballast product. Not long ago, it has passed the test of the National Electric Light Source Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and has passed the National Compulsory Product Certification (3C). Compared with the single magnetic circuit tap type variable power inductor ballast on the market, the Roman variable power type magnetic ballast is structurally guaranteed to not have a momentary power failure and the light source is extinguished. Its unique performance also includes the best range of power change from 40% to 100%, and the continuous power conversion rate of 1000 hours is greater than 90%. The new product is available in two sizes, one is a complete set, with more than 20,000 hours of long-life high-pressure sodium lamps manufactured by Roman Inc. for new installations; the other is retrofit, on the original magnetic ballasts. The performance of the variable-power magnetic ballast can be realized by adding a device, which can be widely applied to lighting places such as roads, factories, landscapes, and docks.

In the batch application of Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, Foshan City, Guangdong Province and Jiangmen City for more than one year, the product has produced good social and economic benefits. For example, the application report of Nantong City, Jiangsu Province shows that the 154 sets of variable-power inductor ballasts they use can recover the purchase cost from the saved electricity cost in 1.24 years alone. At present, the product has passed the technical certification and safety certification of South Korea, and has entered the Korean lighting market in batches.

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