April 07, 2020

Application of new thick pump in Tahe Oilfield

After a successful pilot test of a new type of immersed thick pump in TK488, the pump was recently promoted in the heavy oil area of ​​the Tahe Oilfield in the northwest branch, which is expected to improve the development of heavy oil wells.
The heavy oil exploitation in the Tahe Oilfield of the Northwest Branch has been dominated by cold mining. However, as the development time is extended and the formation energy is reduced, some of the heavy oil wells are stopped and the oil is thickened. Last year, Tahe Oil Production Plant began to introduce a new type of immersion thick pump, in order to continue to develop heavy oil and control water production.

Shortly thereafter, the plant conducted a pilot test of the immersion thick pump in the TK488 well. Because the pump mainly uses the inertial force of the plunger to enter the oil, commonly known as oil extraction, the oil inlet passage is large, the crude oil does not flow relative to the wellbore, the resistance of the heavy oil into the pump is small, and the effect of thickening and controlling water is obvious. At present, the pump has been operating normally, and the TK488 well has produced more than 1,500 tons of crude oil.

At present, the plant is deploying follow-up tests and conducting further follow-up evaluations, and plans to gradually promote such immersed thick pumps in the heavy oil area of ​​Tahe Oilfield.

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