March 04, 2021

ABB Innovative Technology Selected "MIT Technology Venture" Top Ten Science and Technology

ABB developed a hybrid HVDC breaker to create the future grid Zurich, Switzerland, April 27, 2013 - Hybrid HVDC Circuit Breakers Developed by ABB, a World-Leading Power and Automation Technology Group Selected for Top 10 Technology Milestones in 2012 at MIT Technology Review one. "MIT Venture" believes that the top ten scientific and technological breakthroughs selected in this annual list will have a tremendous impact on technological innovation in the coming years. Jason Pontin, MIT Editor and Publisher, said: "Since 2001, our editorial team has carefully scrutinized the technological achievements that are likely to have the most impact on S & T innovation in coming years, as well as the institutions that lead these technologies. ABB showed us how to develop a practical HVDC breaker. " Hybrid HVDC circuit breakers eliminate the one-hundred-year obstacle to the development of HVDC transmission networks. The application of DC grid can improve the reliability of power grid and enhance the transmission capacity of existing AC grid. It combines mechanical dynamics with power electronics to shut down the output current of a large power plant in less than 5 milliseconds at a speed 30 times faster than human blinks. HVDC technology can realize the long-distance transmission of hydropower stations, promote the offshore wind power grid connection, promote the development of promising solar energy projects and realize the interconnection among different power grids. HVDC systems have more and more point-to-point connections around the world. The next step is expected to achieve the interconnection of these transmission lines, optimizing the entire transmission network. As early as 60 years ago, ABB pioneered the application of HVDC technology. After several innovations and developments, ABB is still the technology driver and market leader in this area. Recently, with a major breakthrough in HVDC technology, ABB was named one of MIT's Top 50 Global Innovation Companies in 2013. MIT Ventures leads the global dialogue on major science and technology. The magazine is distributed by independent media companies owned by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on different platforms in six languages ​​and includes millions of business leaders, innovators and thought leaders around the world. The MIT Magazine is the most respected technology magazine published by this media company; other publications include daily news coverage, analysis and perspectives, and a Business Report that explains how technology can change industry. The company also hosts annual EmTech MIT conferences, international EmTech MIT conferences, summits and salon events. The company's corporate social group, the MIT Enterprise Forum, hosts more than 400 events each year worldwide.