large amphibious aircraft AG600

China's large amphibious aircraft AG600 last Saturday successfully conducted its first glide test in Zhuhai, Guangdong, as it is preparing for its maiden flight. Other tests and check-ups are under way, according to the China Aviation Industry General Aircraft Co (CAIGA). Designed to ......Reading more

Debut 2017 International Agricultural Ma…

Debut 2017 International Agricultural Machinery China-lutong för att lyfta fram varumärkets styrka 2017 Kina International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition slutade den 28 oktober i Wuhan, Hubei-provinsen. Kina-lutong företagets team utställare, utlösa återfö ......Reading more

Quality Control of Commodity Pumping Con…

With the continuous development of Pan'an's urban construction, high-rise buildings are emerging constantly. Large-volume pouring projects and urban road construction are increasing day by day. The components of large-span and large-volume concrete are also widely used. In order to ensure c ......Reading more

Application of Hydraulic Reciprocating C…

First, the introduction Today, hydraulic systems are widely used in various industries and machinery. As a transmission technology, the hydraulic method than the traditional mechanical methods, has the following advantages: 1, can produce a lot of power, but also easy to control; 2, in a wide ran ......Reading more

What means for the chiller CW-5300AHS

A customer is insterested in S&A chiller to cool 150W co2 glass laser tube, we recommend chiller CW-5300AHS, howerever, he asked me what is the AHS. That is S&A chiller`s naming rules. A: 220V 50Hz; H: pump fits for 150W co2 galss laser tube; S: ozone-friendly gas R-410a ......Reading more

Common valve material common valve seali…

Common valve material common valve sealing surface commonly used soft materials Serial number name Code Applicable temperature ℃ Suitable media 1 natural rubber NR -50 ~ 80 Salt, hydrochloric acid, metal coating solution, water, wet chlorine 2 Neoprene CR -40 ~ 80 Animal oils, ......Reading more

Fins for Successful Cooling

Fins for Cooling Success Figure 1: Clockwise from top right corner are louvered, lanced offset, wavy, and straight fins. As high-power electronics continue to push power density limits, component design engineers are facing greater challenges and trade-offs in their choice for cool ......Reading more